April Product Releases: A New Framework View & Multiple Personnel Devices

Brian Elmi, Head of Product
May 5, 2022

April Product Launches

New features and product experiences are more than ways to optimize the Drata platform. All month long our team has been hard at work shaping new ways our customers achieve compliance goals and strengthen security posture. The April product releases include our new Framework Experience and multiple device compliance checks.

Keep reading to learn more about our latest launches and stay tuned for more in May.


Framework Experience

Dratameter gif that loads to 100% featuring SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and additional frameworks

Our new Framework Experience means a new look to customers’ dashboards. The Dratameter allows you to see the progress you have made towards your framework requirements and overall control readiness.

Split into three sections, the Framework Dashboard page contains the Enabled Frameworks, Available for Your Company, and Coming Soon. You are able to view Enabled Frameworks, which are those currently live in your account and that you are working towards achieving. Beyond that, the Available for Your Company section allows you to see any available frameworks that are not enabled on your account but include shared controls with your current frameworks (ones you have already made progress towards). Coming Soon is just as it sounds – all the new frameworks making their way down the pipeline.

There is a ton of new information you can learn from the new Framework Dashboard, such as:

  • Control Readiness
  • Requirements Readiness
  • Framework Readiness
  • Evidence Renewal Dates

We’re thrilled to provide a clear visual for our customers to gain insight on company-wide security as they prepare to achieve and maintain compliance.


Multiple Device Compliance Checks

Your company’s security shouldn’t be limited to one device per employee. Teams often use multiple devices to perform their jobs, communicate with other departments, and collaborate with outside vendors. As a security-first company, we know that every device in your organization should be secure. Using multiple device compliance checks, you’re able to ensure all of these devices meet requirements, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Hard drive encryption and more.

No matter how many devices a team member has, customers will have a real-time view of their compliance status in Drata at all times.

Screenshot of Drata platform displaying multiple device compliance checks in action

If you’re a customer, log in and follow these steps to add additional devices to your Drata agent or MDM.

May is already shaping up to be a big month, with the anticipated launch of even more frameworks. Keep an eye out for the latest developments and as always, we’re here with any questions or feedback.

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