Introducing Custom Frameworks + Mapping Automated Tests to Any Control

Brian Elmi

by Brian Elmi

August 04, 2022
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We’re excited to launch Custom Frameworks and the ability to map our automated tests to any control, even custom controls.

We recently celebrated Drata’s 18 month anniversary and looking back, we couldn’t be prouder of our team for their commitment to building a compliance automation system that’s scalable, configurable, and easy to use. 

With no signs of stopping, we’re excited to announce the launch of Custom Frameworks and the ability to map our automated tests to any control (even your custom controls). Whether you’re looking to comply with a standard or regulation that’s unique to your country and industry, or simply need more flexibility for your current frameworks, this recent launch gives you those capabilities without losing automation. 

Keep reading for more details or book some time with our team to get a closer look. 

Custom Frameworks


After navigating thousands of compliance journeys with organizations in different industries, growth stages, and countries, the need for more customized compliance needs became more and more prevalent. With Custom Frameworks, you’ll have the flexibility and support you need as your organization grows and expands into different markets. 

Whether you’re a future or current customer, Drata helps you build a compliance program that’s easy to scale, update, and improve to meet current and future standards and regulations.

How It Works


Create custom frameworks by importing requirements individually or in bulk. Once your requirements are uploaded, you’ll be able to map any control to those requirements, track readiness, and invite auditors.

Custom framework details and requirements can be edited and deleted as you see fit.

Map Automated Tests to Controls


Similar to Custom Frameworks, you can now map Drata’s automated tests to any control—whether they’re from Drata’s control library or custom. This means you won’t lose any of the time-saving automation you already love from using Drata whenever you need to build a control unique to your organization.

How It Works

After creating a custom control, you can choose to map it to the automated tests available. You can also map available tests to any control, custom or from Drata’s control library.

Key Benefits

As your company grows, so might the list of frameworks you’ll need to comply with. And although we already offer over 14 frameworks, being able to customize Drata to cover your unique compliance scope will: 

  • Remove the need to implement another solution for new or unique frameworks. 

  • Minimize manual work for your team with Drata’s unparalleled automation. 

  • Consolidate your security and compliance tools into one dashboard. 

Be sure to reach out to your customer success manager to add this feature. 

If you’re not a Drata customer, schedule some time with our team to see how you can automate your journey to compliance with Custom Frameworks and mapping controls to tests.

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Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
Drata Head of Product