Drata Leads Fall 2022 G2 Reports

Drata is a Leader in the Fall 2022 Grid Reports for Security and Compliance, and the highest-rated cloud compliance solution on G2.
Elliot Volkman

by Elliot Volkman

September 22, 2022

Today, we’re excited to share that not only is Drata maintaining our leader status across multiple G2 segments and categories, but we are also adding several leader rankings to our list in the Fall 2022 reports.

Drata is built around a simple concept: We deliver solutions that enable teams to effortlessly start, scale, and enhance their compliance journey. We do this by delighting customers every step of the way, solving their compliance and risk management challenges, and helping them build trust through transparency. 

In less than two years, Drata has become the leader of automated compliance solutions, which we graciously attribute to our compliance partnerships built with each of our customers.

“Since Drata’s inception, we have focused on putting the customer at the center of everything we do. We’re thankful that our customers have yet again spoken with G2’s Fall rankings and that Drata remains the highest-rated cloud compliance solution on G2,” said Ashley Hyman, VP of Customer Success at Drata.

While we’re happy to tell you why Drata is the highest-rated cloud compliance solution, we’ll leave it to our customers:


“Drata is a luxury limousine for your compliance journey.” —Joshua P.

“Drata is a very intuitive, feature-rich, and user-friendly platform.” —Lyubov K.

And a crowd favorite, but we’ll keep them anonymous:

“Y’all make boring sh*t easy!”

#1 Momentum Leader for Cloud Compliance, Vendor Security and Privacy Assessment, and IT Asset Management

Our customers have made it clear, Drata is the leader in cloud compliance, vendor security and privacy assessments, and IT asset management. Momentum leaders are defined by products listed on the Momentum Grid® that rank in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users. Our customers noted in their reviews that Drata is the best-of-breed solution for the following reasons:

“Great integrations take so much of the work out of SOC 2.” —John H.

#1 on G2’s Relationship Index for Cloud Compliance and Cloud Security

G2’s Relationship Index indicates when companies go above and beyond to build lasting relationships with their customers, further reinforcing Drata’s stance on always prioritizing the development of partnerships rather than ending it once a deal closes.

In G2’s Fall 2022 report, Drata took the number one spot overall for best relationship for Cloud Compliance, Cloud Security, IT Asset Management, Vendor Security and Privacy Assessments, and Security Compliance.


“Essential compliance monitoring software with a great team behind it.” —Michael C.

G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community, and data aggregated from online sources and social networks, culminating in quarterly Grid and Index Reports.

Learn more about our amazing customers and what they are building.

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Elliot Volkman
Elliot Volkman
Former Director of Brand, Content, and Community

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