May Product Releases: Policy Center 2.0 & AWS Virtual Assets

Drata announces the latest product updates on the Policy Center, an integration extension for AWS Virtual Assets, and a new integration that’ll make security training screenshots a thing of the past.
Brian Elmi

by Brian Elmi

June 15, 2022

Every month our team is listening to customer feedback and building out improvements to the Drata platform. In May, we spent time enhancing Drata’s Policy Center to include archiving tools and updates to the custom policies feature.

Read more below to learn about the latest product updates on the Policy Center, an integration extension for AWS Virtual Assets, and a new integration that’ll make security training screenshots a thing of the past.

Policy Center 2.0

After the Drata Policy Center launched, we kept on working to improve the customer experience with new features. Drata offers policy templates so teams don’t have to start from scratch when building out their compliance program, but customized options also need to be available for our customers as they scale their business. The following have been added to the latest update:

Archive Out-of-Scope Policies

The Drata platform comes with template policies set up for customers to guide along the compliance process. These policies may fall out of your scope of work if your company is using custom policies or they simply may not be ones you plan on using. Users are now able to archive unnecessary policies so they are hidden and unmapped from Drata tests. If you are a customer, log in to read more about archiving out-of-scope policies.

Replace With Your Custom Policies

Whether a company purchases Drata as a startup in stealth mode or as an enterprise, we know there are times it’s warranted to have custom policies. Custom policies can now replace Drata policies with the latest Policy Center update. You can also map a custom policy to automated tests with that policy. No need to choose between your automation and customization, with Drata you can have both. Customers can log in to check out more details here.

Downloadable Policies

In the past, only policies that had been approved were not able to be downloaded. All policies can now be downloaded regardless of policy approval status.

Reactivate Policies and Controls

Your company at one time may have not needed a Drata policy, so it was archived because it was out-of-scope. But don’t worry, it’s not gone forever in case you decide you might need it later. Users now can restore archived and replaced Drata policies and controls. Customers can log into Drata to read more here.

AWS Virtual Assets

With this latest integration extension, Drata automatically populates AWS virtual assets to make the asset collection process even simpler. If you are a current customer, you can log in and read more here.

KnowBe4 Integration

Screenshots—also known as the bane of the audit process—are no longer necessary for security training! KnowBe4 is an integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Our new KnowBe4 integration will automatically pull in any fulfilled controls associated with security training, saving your team hours from collecting manual screenshots from employees. 

Drata was busy this month, releasing new frameworks, product updates, and integrations. In case you missed it, be sure to check out Trust Center—it allows you to display your security posture in real-time on your website. We also launched eight frameworks this month! There’s only more on the way, so be sure to keep an eye out for next month’s updates.

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Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi is Drata Head of Product. He is an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about building products. Brian has had the opportunity to work with and coach talented teams to build and manage many products from concept to launch. Some examples include Mobile browsers (iOS and Android), messaging/collaboration platform, developer community/app store, small business ERP solutions, video advertising platform for SMBs, and more.
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