Introducing Drata's Chief Marketing Officer, Sydney Sloan

As CMO, Sydney will oversee global marketing strategies that drive revenue and customer growth.
July 11, 2023
Drata New CMO

Our first ever Chief Marketing Officer, Sydney Sloan, has joined the Drata team. Sydney will oversee global marketing at Drata to help shape brand identity and awareness, fuel customer engagement, and accelerate the company’s already incredibly fast growth. 

Here’s a little bit about her and her goals for the team:

Meet Sydney Sloan

Decades of go to market experience in leading and advising B2B SaaS companies makes Sydney the right person to lead and grow the marketing organization. She has a true passion for understanding what customers want and need, and her mission is to ensure Drata delivers value with every customer interaction. 

Beyond her marketing prowess, she is also a champion for company culture and leadership development. Happy committed employees are the key to serving customers and delivering excellent customer service. This commitment to creating a positive company culture that is obsessed with serving customers is engrained in her DNA and the brands she helps to build.

Sydney has long been an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and mentoring others. She believes in fostering environments where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.  

Sydney most recently served as CMO of Salesloft where she helped scale the company over 10x in three and a half years. She also held senior leadership and advisory roles at Adobe, Alfresco, Marketo and Demandbase. At Drata, Sydney will lead efforts to continue integrating and elevating go to market strategies that drive revenue, and customer growth.

Why Drata?

Drata’s disruption to the compliance software market was what initially drew Sydney in. Achieving and maintaining compliance has been a roadblock for companies for years, and Drata takes a new approach to modernizing and transforming the overall journey. By encouraging and facilitating continuous compliance, the market has shifted, and businesses everywhere are looking for software that can continuously monitor their security and compliance posture to earn and maintain customer trust.

“It’s no surprise Drata has solidified itself as an outstanding market leader in compliance automation; our tangible customer-centric values have been a striking differentiator,” said Sydney. “I’m looking forward to amplifying that success as we continue our global expansion and reach even more companies looking to automate their security and compliance program.” 

—Sydney Sloan, CMO

As Drata continues to bring our highly automated solution to the market, we rely on our team of diversely experienced professionals, and Sydney Sloan as CMO is no exception. We’re excited to welcome her to the team as we find new ways to help build trust across the cloud.

Join the Team

The Drata team continues to grow. Check out our careers page for current openings.

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