Drata Welcomes Former Looker and Google Leader: Simanta Chakraborty

Adam Markowitz, CEO
January 25, 2022

Image of new VP of Sales Simanta Chakraborty.

Part of building a world-class team is bringing in world-class leaders. And on that note, we’re excited to announce a new addition to our leadership team, Simanta Chakraborty. Simanta is joining Drata as VP of Sales with extensive knowledge and a strong disposition for innovation. 

At Drata, we pride ourselves in growing a sales team that prioritizes value over promotion and understands the importance of building long-term customer relationships—and Simanta fits perfectly into that culture. 

A Little About Simanta

Simanta lives in the Bay Area with his family. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters and dreaming about future travel plans—especially when his eldest won’t let him forget about the trip to Italy she was promised pre-COVID. 

We’ve also heard he’s a big Tony Stark fan so it’s only fitting that he’s joining Drata 🚀 for the ride. 

Professional Highlights

In his previous role at Looker (acquired by Google), Simanta built the enterprise sales motion and team for the West Region. He scaled the West to become Looker’s Top Region with revenue growth rates of over 100% annually during his tenure. 

During his time at ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence search tool, he built the company’s largest customer base—including their first four Fortune 500 accounts—and the largest Region by revenue. 

He received the Stratosphere Award for Innovation Impacting Growth at Google Cloud and was recognized for his impact on Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Looker for his commitment to growing a well-rounded team.

Why Drata?

“Drata is solving significant problems for companies at scale. Good people coupled with an ability to execute at such a speed is rare.” 

Meeting Drata’s highly-driven, yet collaborative team is what ultimately led Simanta to join. He was impressed with the team’s relentless commitment to bringing value to customers through continuous innovation. He’s excited to build upon that foundation and bring Drata’s platform to more companies looking to streamline their security and compliance processes. 

When asked about his leadership style, Simanta says: 

“At the end of the day, leadership is about enabling your team to execute as well as possible. Jumping in, setting high expectations, and supporting the team to hit those expectations.”

Who Should Join the Drata Sales Team?

“We’re growing an organization that builds long-term relationships with customers. We want people with integrity, who can execute while prioritizing trust.” 

The Drata Sales Team is looking for people who have the drive to learn quickly and understand the importance of guiding companies through the compliance journey. 

We don’t view compliance as a one-and-done deal. As companies scale, it’s critical for their teams to have a strong grasp of their security posture, programs, and compliance processes—and the Sales Team is an integral part of that. 

If you’re interested in joining Drata, check open positions here.

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