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Courtney Hans, Security & IT Manager

“It can be very daunting to figure out where to start when pursing compliance frameworks. The Drata platform was extremely helpful in keeping us organized—there's no guesswork around what pieces you need to remain in compliance. Overall, our audit experience was far more efficient since using Drata and their team has been incredibly helpful. Drata has delivered in spades."

Care Rev


Sebastian Mellen, Co-Founder & CEO

Drata's dashboard is very well laid out, and makes it clear what needs to be done to achieve your desired compliance success. Drata also offers much more comprehensive support of compliance frameworks than other players in the space. SOC 2 and other frameworks can be a heavy lift, and Drata is like our night vision for compliance."

Sebastian Mellen

Trust & Will

Devin Ledesma, Software Engineer II

“My experience with Drata has exceeded expectations. The security policy creation process was a breeze. The dashboard is so easy to use, and it shows us our security posture in real-time. We save time and effort, leading to less stress as we scale. Drata automates the mind numbing maintenance and evidence collection, so my attention is given only when needed. The Drata team is so quick to answer questions, it’s very comforting knowing they’re there for us.”

Media - Trust & Will Team


Mo Malayeri, Co-Founder

The innovation of Drata’s product brings massive value and time savings to our security and compliance efforts and internal team. We’ve seen, firsthand, the way Drata delivers on their promises as a compliance automation platform, so we trust them to help us build upon our security program. We would not have been able to execute this level of compliance without Drata."

Mo Malayeri


Chris Doyle, Director of Engineering

Drata is making the long road to SOC 2 compliance much less daunting. Just having everything in one place so we can understand what we've accomplished and what still lies ahead is enormously valuable to our effort."

Chris Doyle

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