Using SOC 2 Compliance to Lead the NHD Market

A case of how SOC 2 compliance keeps SnapNHD’s business growing
SnapNHD provides comprehensive natural hazard disclosures (NHD) and tenant flood reports, which are legally required for real estate sellers and brokers to disclose if the property being sold lies within one or more state or locally mapped hazard areas.
San Diego, CA
Natural Hazard Disclosures

The Challenge

Because NHD reports tap into the real estate industry, we’re working more and more with financial institutions and big banks that require extensive security questionnaires and often request proof of SOC 2 compliance. While we knew SOC 2 was going to be a must-have, we were very new to the process overall; we didn’t know what to expect or what was fully required to achieve a successful audit.

Why Drata

We initially began SOC 2 with another platform, but found their tools and processes incompatible with our specific needs. Through a referral, we found Drata and immediately felt at ease with all the information they provided from the start, especially since we weren’t SOC 2 compliance experts.

The Experience

Right off the bat, Drata’s platform provided more integration and automation than we’ve previously experienced. We were able to integrate with key applications like Rippling for background checks, and the Drata Agent was a big driver in helping our entire team get up to speed. With Drata’s comprehensive platform, we have a holistic view into our compliance posture to ensure the right policies and controls are always in place.


Drata easily saved us 80% of our time spent on compliance, allowing us to focus on the business. Rather than having to manually oversee every step of the process, the Drata platform allows compliance to be easily integrated into our daily operations.

Achieving SOC 2 compliance automatically means we’re on the path to getting more business. We’re rapidly growing our team as we continue to partner with larger customers.

It’s clear that having a SOC 2 report is a big differentiator for your business - companies require tangible proof that you’re taking their data seriously, no matter what industry you’re in. Using Drata’s automated platform streamlined the overall SOC 2 process and not only paved the path to achieving compliance, but solidified the foundation to maintaining compliance.

CJ Lazell - CTO, SnapNHD

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