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How Pequity’s Partnership Approach Helped Ensure Successful SOC 2 Compliance

A case of working closely with Drata’s customer support team to achieve SOC 2 and kickstart company security efforts
Pequity is reinventing the way companies compensate people. With a focus on simplicity, transparency and scalability, Pequity’s suite of products simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of building a competitive, and equitable compensation program that grows with your company.
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The Challenge

As an HR technology provider, security has always been top-of-mind for the Pequity team. When you’re dealing with compensation data, you’re dealing with something that’s extremely sensitive. We wanted to ensure early on that we were following best practices from a security standpoint and giving our customers and prospects peace of mind.

The need to move quickly and effectively is ultimately what catalyzed our decision to utilize an automation tool.

Why Drata?

Our team spent several weeks assessing different compliance automation providers and getting referrals from our network. While Drata’s technology was easier to navigate and more automated than the others, what ultimately sold us was their customer support.

We knew we’d need a personalized touch to ensure we were successful in our SOC 2 efforts. We didn’t want to feel like we were being put through a sausage grinder process without any real help or guidance after the contract was signed.

The Process

Drata wowed us from day one with their follow-ups, outreach, and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Our assigned support reps were there every step of the way, and we were pleasantly surprised to have Adam, Drata’s CEO, join a number of the calls as well. How often do you get a CEO on a customer call?

In one particular instance, we needed a custom enablement document to help us set up the proper controls with our cloud provider. The attention to detail and genuine desire to help was a huge benefit to us throughout the process. Without Drata and their team, it would have taken an additional 3 months of effort to obtain SOC 2. Not to mention all the hours the Pequity engineering team would have had to spend on this, vs. building our product.

What’s Next for Pequity’s Security and Compliance Program?

We’re currently in the process of obtaining our SOC 2 Type II with Drata’s support. Since Drata continuously monitors our controls, we feel secure in our ability to stay compliant and easily remediate when necessary.

The decision to work with Drata ultimately came down to personal touch and customer support for us. If we're signing an enterprise agreement, I want relationship building and long term commitment. I don't want to be a ticket in a chat on your website.

Zack Fisch-Rothbart - Head of Operations & Legal, Pequity

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