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The Challenge

Some of our team has worked on SOC 2 compliance projects before, and know from experience just how much of a headache it can be in terms of time and resources. As a small, fully-remote team, we need to be efficient while still prioritizing critical aspects of our business like security and compliance. The archaic and time-consuming way these audits have traditionally been carried out (hundreds of screenshots and stale spreadsheets) seemed like it was ripe for automation with a product like Drata.

The Solution

We wanted a tool that would not only automate the security control monitoring and evidence collection, but one that would also guide us through the SOC 2 preparation and maintenance process - both in the product and with a strong customer success function.

We also decided early on that it would be best to select a product that had strong partnerships with reputable audit firms to ensure they both work well together. This felt like the best way to minimize cost and save time. Drata's platform delivered on all the above.

Why Drata?

Drata's vision for what security monitoring and SOC 2 compliance should look like matches that of our own - they're improving on the process, not just streamlining it. Drata's continuous monitoring and automated evidence collection (not just screenshots) of our controls is fantastic and gives us peace of mind that we're secure and compliant. It also gives us the assurance that we'll be able to efficiently remediate any issues that come up.

Drata's team are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to take the time to explain the hard-to-grok parts of the SOC 2 process. Combine that with their strong alliance with Schneider Downs, and the decision to go with Drata was a no-brainer.

Ready to Put SOC 2 on Autopilot with Drata?

The Result

Drata has seamlessly guided us through the entire process. The product works great, has a lot of useful content and explanations in it, and makes it really clear what we need to work on next to get closer to SOC 2 audit-readiness.

The team at Drata have been really helpful, answering any questions we have quickly and clearly. We are making great progress on our journey to compliance, a large part in thanks to Drata.

What's Next for Iteratively?

Security has always been important to Iteratively and our customers. Drata will help us keep track of where we can always continue to do better, and ensure that we are made aware of any issues straight away (before they become a problem), rather than 12 months later at the next audit.

Working with Drata has been great - the team is helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. The product has made our SOC 2 process so much easier and faster.

Joe Reeve - Software Engineer, Iteratively

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