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  • About HeadsUp HeadsUp is a plug-and-play, end-to-end solution for Sales teams to understand and engage their customers, driving customer adoption and satisfaction and maximizing revenue outcomes.
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The Challenge

HeadsUp launched in 2020 with the goal of helping sales and revenue teams understand how customers use their products. With data at the heart of our service, we were receiving questions around our SOC 2 compliance soon after going to market. Having minimal knowledge on SOC 2, we scrambled to identify and activate a solution.

The Process

Due to the need of a quick turnaround to keep the budding business growing, we chose a legacy provider we were familiar with to achieve SOC 2 Type 1 compliance but soon experienced a host of challenges. While the legacy provider got us over the finish line for Type 1, we were burdened with the high level of manual evidence collection required for SOC 2 Type 2. The tool we were using lacked the level of automation and continuous monitoring capabilities that allowed for visibility into our controls over time. With a technical team hyper-focused on product build over administrative tasks, our team chose to migrate to Drata in the middle of our Type 2 audit.

Why Drata?

Automation was at the core of our decision to move to Drata. We were blown away by how much Drata’s platform compresses the work for such a time-consuming process. Between the depth and number of integrations, intuitive UI, and level of guidance the product provides, we were able to successfully achieve SOC 2 Type 2. And now we continue to monitor our controls to ensure we never fall out of compliance. That process currently takes around 10-15 minutes per week, while with our former solution it would have taken at least 5 hours.

Customer service was another standout feature for Drata. Not only do we have a remote team working across different time zones, but understanding and achieving SOC 2 Type 2 compliance can be complex. We were impressed by how responsive the support staff was, no matter what time we reached out.

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What's Next for HeadsUp?

Expanding our security program, with support from Drata, will continue to be a priority for HeadsUp in the years to come.

If we didn’t have Drata, we don’t know if HeadsUp could have even achieved SOC 2 compliance. Without Drata’s platform, it would have been nearly impossible to successfully navigate this intensive journey - we can’t even imagine completing a Type 2 audit manually! Shaving hours down to minutes is just what we needed to establish our security and compliance footprint and maintain the health of our business.

Eng Heng Yeo - Head of Ops at HeadsUp

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