How SOC 2 Compliance Sets Weld Up for Long-Term Success


Weld is the next-gen data platform used to centralize, clean, and activate customer data. Unlock your data’s full potential in record time with our platform and team of dedicated data analysts.

LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
IndustryComputer Software
A case of investing in compliance early for a smoother journey.

The Challenge

Weld is a data company at heart, responsible for managing and moving our customers’ data. Security and trust are core elements of our relationship with our customers, and as a young company, it’s critical to maintain that trust as we grow. We decided to prioritize compliance early on for both our customers and our own security posture. Having SOC 2 compliance has also become a mandatory requirement for our enterprise customers, so we know just how important compliance is to the health of our business.

The Experience

We found Drata through the AWS Activate Network, which provided a seamless onboarding experience when connecting our infrastructure and pulling data. Drata’s platform essentially provided us with a digestible checklist of what we needed to do, which was incredibly helpful to our team as we had little experience with compliance prior to starting this process. Drata’s Customer Success team guided us through the journey and even connected us with an auditor – knowing they were there with us all the way through audit completion gave us confidence to successfully meet the necessary framework requirements.

Key Features

Drata’s integration capabilities were a significant driver in our success. Being able to connect to tools like Google Workspace, AWS, and Linear made it easier for our team and ensured we had full visibility into our entire tech stack ahead of our audit. The policy templates also served as a helpful guideline as many of us were new to SOC 2. Without Drata, achieving SOC 2 compliance could have very well taken us 3 times longer, requiring critical focus and attention from our team when they could have been focusing on the business.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, we’re on our way to achieving SOC 2 Type 2. We’ll also look to expand to additional frameworks relevant to our U.S. and European customer bases. And now that we’ve established the groundwork for a solid compliance program, we’ll focus on continuing to implement our controls, and maintaining compliance as we grow in various markets.

Working with Drata at the beginning stages of our company ensures we’re taking the right steps to build a strong security posture. We knew SOC 2 compliance would be easier when introduced from the start, instead of waiting until we had hundreds of team members to navigate the journey with. Drata not only expedited the compliance process, but helped introduce a security-first mindset with our current and future team.

Jakob Kristensen

Co-Founder, Weld

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