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Drata vs. Tugboat Logic

Drata vs. Tugboat Logic: Why Drata's Advanced Technology Outpaces Legacy Players

Drata allows businesses to quickly and successfully complete audits, continuously monitor controls, and seamlessly expand their security assurance efforts. Stay ahead of the compliance curve with the industry’s innovation leader.

Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2 Users love Drata on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2


Build trust and scale securely with Drata, the smartest way to achieve continuous SOC 2 & ISO 27001 compliance

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Trusted by the best:

"Drata is one of today's leaders in SOC 2 compliance software. Drata is heavily focused on automation, providing a strong system capable of collecting large amounts of evidence automatically and generating an inventory of cyber assets your company is using."

– Independent Study by Fractional CISO

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Hundreds of Happy Customers Have Chosen Drata

Hear from the most important voice at the table: the customer.

I’ve been doing this a long time and I have to say… Drata is the slickest way of achieving SOC 2 that I’ve ever seen! We’re huge fans…

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Michael Murray
CEO, Scope Security

I had used another tool at my last company. Drata is 10x more automated & 10x better UI/UX. They have best-in-class customer success.

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Lisa Wallace

CEO, Assemble


Why are Companies Choosing Drata over Tugboat Logic?

An Automation-First Solution

The highest level of automation available

Drata provides you with the highest level of automation available. The technology’s deep, native integrations provide instant visibility into your security program, and support continuous monitoring to ensure compliance is always maintained. Automating your security and compliance controls is an effective way to reduce risk, time, and cost. Current Drata customers are able to automate 85% of the audit preparation process on average.

It’s more than a buzz word to us

Many players in the space claim to feature “automation,” when in reality it may only apply to a handful of controls across each integration. For example, Drata’s AWS integration automates the monitoring and evidence collection of 40 related controls. Other players? Less than five. The more manual work and screenshots needed, the greater likelihood of user error and findings on your attestation report.

Legacy solutions just haven’t kept up

Automation has become the standard for deploying, updating, and managing infrastructure across industries. While other compliance solutions may try to deflect product gaps by pointing to automation as something to fear, it’s in fact a critical component in reducing uncertainty and effectively managing a company’s security posture.

A Commitment to Customer Empowerment

The tool works for you, not the other way around

Meeting compliance standards can be a complex and tedious process. That’s why Drata’s platform has been developed to clearly and supportively walk users through the process, regardless of role or past experience. And, unlike some of Drata’s competitors, we’ll never try to nickel and dime our customers with hidden limitations and unclear pricing models. Our pricing is transparent, public, and simple to understand and allows for unlimited usage. With Drata, the tool works for you. Not the other way around.

Built to support you every step of the way

Features like pre-mapped controls, dynamic policy templates, HRIS integrations, and in-platform security awareness training have all been built to ensure customer ease and access. And Drata enables you to automatically download a detailed security report which can be shared with customers and prospects to showcase where your program stands, regardless of where you’re at in the auditing process. Also impactful is Drata’s ability to map controls across frameworks, allowing you to view all of your controls at once and see how they apply to and overlap with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more.

Remember, a manual approach means screenshots. Lots of screenshots.

With Drata, you aren’t left with a self-serve template that requires you to figure out what evidence to manually collect yourself. This can lead to hours of screenshot collection, a manual mapping process, and subsequent errors. With Drata, security reports are never built from scratch because they’re connected to automated control tests and compliance checks. This means you can deliver real-time insights into your security and compliance posture, automatically.

World-class support? We’ve got you covered.

When you do need support, Drata’s award-winning customer success team and auditor partnerships are unparalleled. Drata’s five-star reviews on G2 speak for themselves.

Unmatched Technical Rigor and Expertise

A single-tenant database architecture

Drata works extraordinarily hard to provide our customers with the highest possible level of time to value. And as a company whose mission it is to build and preserve trust, we make smart and considered engineering decisions to support that. That’s why Drata’s technology is the only available solution built on a single-tenant database architecture, which means your data never touches another customer’s.

Technical features that streamline compliance

Drata supports customers of all sizes – from small startups to enterprises. We offer a lightweight osquery agent for smaller customers that don’t have teams to manage more complex endpoint solutions. This agent, reviewed and reported as in scope during Drata’s own successful SOC 2, is never installed across cloud infrastructure and is built as a read-only agent for workstations. If you already have an MDM solution, Drata integrates with it to pull the necessary evidence. Without this technology, you’d be left exposed to large gaps in employee and device management…the number one source of data breaches.

Backed by the world’s leading CISOs

In June 2021, Silicon Valley CISO (SVCI) Investors participated in Drata’s Series A financing. SVCI is a syndicate of CISO angels that uniquely understand what it takes to build, achieve, and maintain security and compliance. They reviewed every compliance automation platform in the space and decided to back Drata.

We’re just getting started

Drata officially came out of stealth mode in January 2021 and is already leading the industry in terms of growth and product innovation. The company’s ability to scale and scale well is a testament to our team and commitment to building what’s best for our customers. You can expect more integrations, more frameworks, and more features and functionality in the coming months.

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What are People Saying About Drata?

Companies today understand the importance of building trust with their customers and protecting their data. They use Drata to prove their security and compliance posture while automating the manual work.


The promise of automation has long been discussed in the compliance world, but never truly realized, until Drata came along. Drata has turned the promise of automated evidence collection into reality. It applies a level of integration and automation that I’ve not seen before. I reviewed a number of players in this space. Drata is the clear winner.

Jonathan_Jaffe Lemonade
Jonathan Jaffe, CISO | Lemonade

Drata didn’t build a product they thought the market wanted. They did the work to understand what the market actually needed. This customer-first focus is clearly reflected in their platform’s technical sophistication and features. I feel like their team really did their diligence in appreciating what we do and providing the industry with a solution that could start delivering immediate impact.

Colin Anderson, CISO | Ceridian  | Investor, Silicon Valley CISO Investors

In a matter of minutes, we had Drata integrated with our environment and continuously monitoring our controls. We’re now able to see our audit-readiness in real time, and receive tailored insights outlining exactly what needs to be done to remediate gaps. The Drata team has removed the headache from the compliance experience and allowed us to engage our people in the process of establishing a ‘security-first’ mindset.

Christine Smoley, Security Engineering Lead | Clearco
Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2 Users love Drata on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Security on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Security on G2

Your Data is Your Data — End of Story.

Drata exists to help you do right by your customers and protect their data. Now, what about your data? Drata is the only compliance automation platform built on a single tenant DB architecture, so your data lives in its own database, separate from all other customers. We expect in today’s world, and in the security and compliance space especially, that you should be able to access, export, or delete your data any time you want. It’s your data!

"After months of research, it was clear Drata was the winner in this space. From the clean, easy to use UI and sheer level of automation, to the world-class customer support team - Drata knows how to execute."

– Software Engineer, Trust & Will

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Control Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and assurance of your security controls

Risk Assessment

Built-in self-assessment and report of your security program

Vendor Management

Track the compliance posture of your ever-growing list of vendors

Asset Inventory

Automated inventory of the physical and virtual assets across your company

Security Reports

Real-time, shareable reports of your security posture for customers and prospects

Dedicated Support

A team of experts ready to support you every step of the way

Security Training

Ensure your personnel are properly trained in security awareness

End-Point Monitoring

Automatically monitor and collect evidence of end point configuration

Ask a Compliance Expert

In-app messaging & support from compliance audit experts

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