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An Auditor’s Perspective: Why MJD Recommends Drata

MJD + Drata

What's Inside

A case on how Drata’s investment in their relationships with auditors continuously improves the platform and gives customers confidence in their monitoring and evidence collection.

About MJD AdvisorsThe AuditThe Partnership Why We Choose to Work with Drata

About MJD Advisors

MJD Advisors is a boutique, tech-forward, CPA firm that specializes in providing SOC 2 examinations for technology companies around the world. In addition to SOC reporting, we offer additional services related to your information security program. We take care in assessing the risk factors of your organization and assure you remain compliant, so you can focus on growing your business.

We are digitally founded and believe effective use of technology, collaboration, planning, and common sense are the keys to delivering a highly valuable service with speed, straightforward pricing, and a remarkable customer experience.

The Audit

In a world where compliance audits have a reputation for being painful, complicated, and time-consuming, I founded MJD Advisors to create the opposite experience. So, when we started partnering with Drata it was clear from the beginning that our goals aligned. 

The technology is great, but the best part for us is the value it enables us to bring to our clients. We get to spend time having conversations and discussing best practices rather than searching through screenshots and excel spreadsheets. The dashboards and document management Drata provides keeps everything organized and allows us to be more effective and efficient in our process.

"Drata’s platform and customer success team provide us with well-prepared clients and clean evidence to deliver engagements without complexity, stress, or uncertainty." — Mike DeKock, Founder and CEO at MJD

Explore the Platform

The Partnership 

It’s been really fun getting to know the team at Drata. In fact, as I was building MJD Advisors and expressed interest in their alliance program, it was the CEO that took the initial call. It was really cool to see that sort of investment in working with a small firm just getting started, and I knew right away it would be a special partnership. 

They answer our questions, help us figure out the best way to use the tool for our process, and they ask for feedback on how they can improve the tool for the auditor, and they act on it. Auditors aren’t an afterthought, Drata understands that improving the platform for auditors means improving the platform for customers.

Their latest product release, Audit Hub, is a great example of this, they listened to auditor feedback and launched a new product around a specific pain point. They took the time to provide extensive training to both auditors and customers on how best to implement the new collaboration features, which is incredibly valuable to us.

Streamline the Audit Process

Audit Hub allows all interactions and data gathering to take place in Drata. Work together and speed up the audit process while reducing errors.

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Another great feature Drata introduced is the Auditor Network Directory, where potential clients can search for pre-vetted auditors that best fit their needs. We’ve gotten to work with some amazing companies from around the world who never would have found us without them.

Why We Choose to Work with Drata

Trust is everything in a compliance audit. Because the people at Drata have been so accessible and transparent, we’ve been able to see the passion and dedication they have for quality.

They’ve built a tool that is user-friendly for both auditor and customer, which makes it easy for customers to provide, review, and approve information in the system so we can trust the information coming out of it. Starting projects aligned with our clients without the back and forth allows us to remove any “pain” that is commonly associated with SOC 2. Many of our clients find immense operational value in the process (some even consider it fun!), which would have seemed ridiculous even just a couple of years ago.

They’re collaborative, passionate, and focused on a great experience for clients, which aligns with our values. We value the relationship and recommend Drata to our clients regularly. Drata's compliance platform provides for easier, faster, and higher quality engagements. The platform and the people supporting it allow us to be the best version of ourselves and provide the highest level of service to our clients. 

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