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Introducing the New Drata Framework Experience

Our product team is excited to share a sneak peek of the latest enhancement to your framework view. This new view will be crucial in giving you full visibility into the progress you have made towards your control readiness and framework requirements.

Grab Your Seat for the New Framework Experience Tour!

What’s Different About the New Framework View?

With these latest enhancements: 

  • You will now have a full and detailed view of all framework requirements 
  • You will have full visibility of your control readiness in one central dashboard 
  • Our Dratameter will show you the progress you have made towards fulfilling each framework requirement and the associated controls 
  • A real-time view of your compliance status at all times to share with your team 

Our new framework view will be launching in April, but the Drata team is eager to give you a tour prior. Make sure to grab your spot for a look at the latest changes before they go live!



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