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Integrations for a Single Picture of Compliance

Integrations with all of your SaaS services brings the compliance status of all your people, devices, assets, and vendors into one place—giving you visibility into your compliance status and control across your security program.

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Automated Monitoring and Evidence Collection

Drata’s autopilot system is a layer of communication between siloed tech stacks and confusing compliance controls, so you don’t need to figure out how to get compliant or manually check dozens of systems to provide evidence to auditors.

24/7 Compliance Monitoring

Continuous, automated monitoring of the compliance status of company assets eliminates the repetitive manual work of compliance.

Automated Evidence Collection

Evidence is collected in Drata automatically, so say goodbye to screenshots, spreadsheets, and long back-and-forths with auditors.

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Actionable Insights, Reports, and Alerts

Gain visibility into your security posture and control over your compliance. As your company grows, automated monitoring, evidence collection, asset and personnel tracking, and access control are completely streamlined with workflow automation.

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Security Policies

Stand up your security program on a strong foundation of 20+ auditor-approved security policies. Formal documentation, employee acceptance, and version history is streamlined and maintained in Drata’s Policy Center.

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A Technology-First Solution to Compliance

World Class Support

World-Class Support

Drata’s team of compliance and security experts support your entire compliance journey from start to audit.

Continuous Control Monitoring Icon

Continuous Control Monitoring

Drata's 24/7 continuous control monitoring ensures you stay compliant and gives you full visibility into your status at all times.

Endpoint Monitoring Icon

Endpoint Monitoring

Accelerate compliance with a built-in solution for monitoring and collecting endpoint configuration evidence.

Security Training Icon

Built-in Training

Built-in security training ensures all team members complete necessary training without ever leaving the platform.

Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory

Know your assets. With Drata’s automated inventory, you know all physical and virtual assets across your company.

Risk Assessment Icon

Risk Assessment

Drata’s built-in self-assessments enable you to efficiently report on your security program’s effectiveness.

Security Reports Icon

Real-Time Security Reports

Respond to due diligence requirements with real-time, shareable reports to communicate your security posture.

Support and Real-Time Answers Icon

Compliance Advice in a Click

Drata’s platform features live support to help fill in the blanks about the platform or GRC processes.

Vendor Management Icon

Vendor Management

Manage vendors with a centralized location for storing, sending, and reviewing security questionnaires.

Automate Your Journey

Drata's platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don't have to be one.


Easily integrate your tech stack with Drata.


Pre-map auditor validated controls.


Begin automating evidence collection.

Put Compliance on Autopilot

Close more sales and build trust faster while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work to maintain compliance.