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5 Ways to Stay Ahead of New GRC Requirements

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Explore the latest strategies to navigate and master evolving GRC requirements with insights from leading experts at Drata, AWS, and CDW. This session is crucial for GRC leaders aiming to enhance data protection, compliance, and maintain trust in a world of increasing cyber threats. 5 attendees will be randomly chosen to win a Drata swag pack.

GRC Requirements

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Hear From These Amazing Speakers

Ari Mojiri

Ari Mojiri

Sr. Manager, GRC Office, Drata

Ashley Hyman

Ashley Hyman

VP, Customer Experience, Drata

Larry Burke

Larry Burke

Principal & Vice President, Global Security Strategy Office, CDW

Kristine Harper

Kristine Harper

Principal Consultant, AWS Security Assurance Services

What You'll Learn

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Adapting to the Evolving GRC Landscape

Identify and adapt to evolving GRC regulations and standards, ensuring your business stays compliant and secure against new threats.

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Embracing Continuous Education and Training

Stay one step ahead - Discover methods to keep your team ahead with the latest in cybersecurity practices and compliance requirements through regular training.

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Navigating Regulatory Changes

Master the art of staying informed on GRC changes, using strategies to seamlessly integrate new regulations into your existing compliance framework.

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Assessing and Manage Risks Proactively

Gain insights into conducting thorough risk assessments, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and implementing tailored security measures.

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Building a Culture of Security

Learn how to integrate security and compliance into every level of your organization, fostering a proactive mindset among all employees.

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Eliminating Manual Processes

Explore how leveraging technology and automation can streamline your compliance processes, reduce errors, and enhance your overall security posture.

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