SANS First Look Audit Hub with Howard Carter

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SANS Audit Hub First Look with Howard Carter

See How Drata’s Audit Hub Consolidates Communication for Faster, Cleaner Audits

Watch this webinar to learn how Drata’s Audit Hub can streamline your audit process.

Communication during audits can get messy. Auditors need access to files, request tons of evidence, and need to ask complex questions. And when you start using multiple channels like emails, Slack, or phone calls, it's easy for key information to get lost—resulting in delayed or poor audit outcomes. To solve this problem, we came up with a way to consolidate this communication

In this Webinar, we teamed up with SANS to demonstrate how Drata’s Audit Hub consolidates and streamlines auditor communication so you can: 

  • Save hours of back-and-forth communication 

  • Keep track of crucial evidence

  • Instantly share documents

  • Keep private documents private

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