SC Mag Webinar: Benefits of Compliance Automation

Drata's CTO and Co-Founder Daniel Marashlian goes beyond basic security compliance

Beyond basic security compliance

Using automation to build advanced workflows

We’ve heard it before: Achieving minimal compliance with security standards or frameworks isn’t enough to protect yourself from today’s threats. Basic compliance needs to be a starting point – a core building block upon which you must continually improve and scale your security processes.

With limited resources, staffing, and funding inhibiting your security and/or GRC departments, sometimes basic compliance is all you can muster. Unless, that is, you can introduce compliance automation into the equation. Doing so allows you to efficiently lock in the key foundations of regulatory compliance – including automated remediation of compliance lapses – and allowing you to further evolve your processes with increasingly sophisticated workflows.

This webcast from Drata will reveal what next-level security compliance automation looks like, including:

  • Moving beyond one-time snapshot-based auditing to 24/7/365 visibility into your compliance status

  • Breaking down silos between your security team and your risk and compliance specialists – ensuring timely collaboration

  • Factoring in your third-party partners’ security procedures as part of your overall compliance assessment

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