drata funding

Blog Article

Drata Raises $3.2M from Cowboy, Leaders, SV Angel to Automate SOC 2 Compliance

My team and I are thrilled to introduce Drata to the world, and announce our $3.2M seed round led by Cowboy Ventures with participation from...

drata earn trust with soc 2

Blog Article

Earning the Trust of Your Customers and Prospects with a SOC 2 Report

A SOC 2 report allows your company to show that it's operating in a secure manner so you can win and retain more business...

drata SOC 2 faq

Expert Advice

Answers to the 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 reports provide information about how effectively a service provider manages the security, privacy, and integrity of sensitive...

Try Chameleon team

Case Study

How Chameleon Leveled Up Their Security Program

A case of building confidence in processes, tooling, and evidence required for standing up a strong security posture. Learn how Chameleon...

drata policies for SOC 2

Expert Advice

The Top 14 Security Policies Your Company Needs for SOC 2

During a SOC 2 examination, an auditor reviews that your company has documented policies and procedures relating to your information security ("infosec") program...

drata demoflow team

Case Study

How Demoflow Confidently Handles Enterprise Security Reviews

A case of founders who know a thing or two about risk, and who understand the importance of mitigating risk for their customers...

drata say no to soc 2

Blog Article

5 Reasons Why Your Company Does Not Need a SOC 2 Report

You'll find plenty of content online regarding the benefits of SOC 2, but here's the truth about why you don't need to worry about it...

drata soc 2 beginner guide

Blog Article

SOC 2 Compliance: A Beginner's Guide

SOC 2 compliance means having controls in place to meet industry standards for security, privacy, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality. Here's everything you need to know...

drata soc 2 common mistakes

Blog Article

The Top 9 Mistakes Companies Make with SOC 2 Compliance

We asked Troy Fine, an experienced SOC 2 auditor and senior manager at Schneider Downs, about the most common mistakes he sees companies make before and during their SOC 2 audit...

drata trust and will

Case Study

How Trust & Will Prioritized Security While Doubling in Size

A case of doing right by your customers and their data, even with competing priorities and massive growth. Learn how Trust & Will...

drata what is a soc 2 report

Blog Article

What is a SOC 2 Report and Does My Company Need One?

A SOC 2 report is a CPA-certified attestation that your company meets security standards. Here's what that means and why it matters...

drata pro tips for SOC 2 compliance

Expert Advice

SOC 2 Guide: 7 Pro Tips to Streamline SOC 2

The 7 things SaaS companies can do to get SOC 2 audit-ready in as little as 2 weeks. Embarking on a SOC 2 process can be overwhelming. Typically when SOC 2 becomes a priority, it's something you needed yesterday...

drata soc 2 beginner guide

Blog Article

SOC 2 Automation Software: What it is and why you need it

What is SOC 2 automation software and why do you need it? Companies today are putting SOC 2 on autopilot. Here's how they're doing it...

drata review soc 2 report

Expert Advice

How to Review a Vendor's SOC Report

Monitoring the security of your organization's vendors has never been more important, and one way to do that is to request and review the reports...

drata soc 2 readiness


Score Your Company's SOC 2 Readiness

Is your company ready to accelerate its SOC 2 Readiness? Use Drata's dynamic readiness checklist to score your SOC 2 readiness level and understand what getting your SOC 2 report entails...

drata iteratively case study

Case Study

How Iteratively Started Early with SOC 2 Compliance

A case of how starting early with SOC 2 can ensure things are set up to scale securely from day one. Learn how Iteratively...

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