drata funding

Blog Article

Drata Raises $3.2M from Cowboy, Leaders, SV Angel to Automate SOC 2 Compliance

My team and I are thrilled to introduce Drata to the world, and announce our $3.2M seed round led by Cowboy Ventures with participation from...

drata earn trust with soc 2

Blog Article

Earning the Trust of Your Customers and Prospects with a SOC 2 Report

A SOC 2 report allows your company to show that it's operating in a secure manner so you can win and retain more business...

drata SOC 2 faq

Expert Advice

Answers to the 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 reports provide information about how effectively a service provider manages the security, privacy, and integrity of sensitive...

Try Chameleon team

Case Study

How Chameleon Leveled Up Their Security Program

A case of building confidence in processes, tooling, and evidence required for standing up a strong security posture. Learn how Chameleon...

drata policies for SOC 2

Expert Advice

The Top 14 Security Policies Your Company Needs for SOC 2

During a SOC 2 examination, an auditor reviews that your company has documented policies and procedures relating to your information security ("infosec") program...

drata demoflow team

Case Study

How Demoflow Confidently Handles Enterprise Security Reviews

A case of founders who know a thing or two about risk, and who understand the importance of mitigating risk for their customers...

drata say no to soc 2

Blog Article

5 Reasons Why Your Company Does Not Need a SOC 2 Report

You'll find plenty of content online regarding the benefits of SOC 2, but here's the truth about why you don't need to worry about it...

drata soc 2 beginner guide

Blog Article

SOC 2 Compliance: A Beginner's Guide

SOC 2 compliance means having controls in place to meet industry standards for security, privacy, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality. Here's everything you need to know...

drata trust and will

Case Study

How Trust & Will Prioritized Security While Doubling in Size

A case of doing right by your customers and their data, even with competing priorities and massive growth. Learn how Trust & Will...

drata pro tips for SOC 2 compliance

Expert Advice

SOC 2 Guide: 7 Pro Tips to Streamline SOC 2

The 7 things SaaS companies can do to get SOC 2 audit-ready in as little as 2 weeks. Embarking on a SOC 2 process can be overwhelming. Typically when SOC 2 becomes a priority, it's something you needed yesterday...

drata soc 2 beginner guide

Blog Article

SOC 2 Automation Software: What it is and why you need it

What is SOC 2 automation software and why do you need it? Companies today are putting SOC 2 on autopilot. Here's how they're doing it...

drata review soc 2 report

Expert Advice

How to Review a Vendor's SOC Report

Monitoring the security of your organization's vendors has never been more important, and one way to do that is to request and review the reports...

drata soc 2 readiness


Score Your Company's SOC 2 Readiness

Is your company ready to accelerate its SOC 2 Readiness? Use Drata's dynamic readiness checklist to score your SOC 2 readiness level and understand what getting your SOC 2 report entails...

drata iteratively case study

Case Study

How Iteratively Started Early with SOC 2 Compliance

A case of how starting early with SOC 2 can ensure things are set up to scale securely from day one. Learn how Iteratively...

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