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On-Demand Webinar: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Risk Management Program

Ross Hosman, Drata’s CISO, discusses how risk management drives organizational accountability

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Risk Management Program

Driving organizational accountability and reducing risk that impact security, reputation, and financial health

Countless factors impact how we run and manage our business. Likewise, there is no one-size fits all approach to assessing and managing risk. Your industry, employees, geography, revenue, offering to customers, and even the delta between having a physical office or virtual one can impact what types of risks you are most likely to face.

However, once risks are identified, how do you measure the effectiveness of your risk management program and convert it into a language that the rest of the business understands?

Modern risk management programs require a continuous process to identify, assess and manage, and monitor risks that could impact the security, reputation and financial health of your company. The need for a proactive and integrated risk management program is critical to improving your security posture and gaining greater visibility into emerging risks and threats.

Join Ross Hosman, Drata’s CISO, for this on-demand webinar as he walks through how to measure the effectiveness of a risk management program, techniques for converting risks into business terms, and real world examples.

By joining this on-demand presentation you’ll takeaway:

  • The business perspective of managing risk
  • How and when to say no to your CEO on accepting risk
  • Common missteps in risk management implementation
  • How risk management plans drive organizational accountability
  • What role risk management plays in your compliance operations

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