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Compliance Uncomplicated

A podcast about startups and other companies navigating their compliance journey and building a culture of security.

Compliance Uncomplicated With Oyster's Audra Nariunaite

This week we're joined by Audra Nariunaite, Director of Compliance at Oyster, she shares advice on choosing an audit firm, how Oyster found compliance success with Drata, and tips for getting compliance buy-in.

Compliance shouldn’t be a burden to your business, here’s why

Let’s Uncomplicate Compliance, Together

Compliance Uncomplicated is an interview series dedicated to simplifying the unnecessarily complex world of risk and compliance. Every business, industry, and team has unique challenges when it comes to building trust, and for many startups, compliance is a stepping stone towards that pathway.

In each episode, we’ll hear from founders, visionaries, and those tasked with building a foundation of trust for their brand.

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What to Expect

Hosted by a revolving cast of Drata experts, each episode will tell a new story about high-growth startups and other brands that are building compliance pathways towards a culture of security. Hear from compliance leaders, security personnel, and other experts from the Drata team about how to make the world of compliance less complicated through practical guidance, thoughtful commentary, deep-dive discussions.

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