SOC 2 & ISO 27001 Compliance

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Get compliant faster than ever before with Drata's automation engine

World-class firms partner with Drata to conduct quick and efficient audits

Stay secure & compliant with automated monitoring, evidence collection, & alerts

Scale quickly & securely with automated asset tracking & streamlined workflows

Put Compliance on Autopilot

Revolutionizing how companies achieve continuous compliance.

Integrations for a Single Picture of Compliance

50+ integrations with your SaaS services brings the compliance status of all your people, devices, assets, and vendors into one place - giving you visibility into your compliance status and control across your security program.

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Automated Monitoring & Evidence Collection

Drata's autopilot system is a layer of communication between siloed tech stacks and confusing compliance controls, so you don't need to figure out how to get compliant or manually check dozens of systems to provide evidence to auditors.

24/7 Compliance Monitoring

Continuous, automated monitoring of the compliance status of company assets eliminates the repetitive manual work of compliance.

Automated Evidence Collection

Evidence is collected in Drata automatically, so say goodbye to screenshots, spreadsheets, and long back-and-forths with auditors.


Actionable Insights, Reports, & Alerts

Gain visibility into your security posture and control over your compliance. As your company grows, automated monitoring, evidence collection, asset and personnel tracking, and access control are completely streamlined with workflow automation.

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What are People Saying About Drata?

Companies today understand the importance of building trust with their customers and protecting their data. They use Drata to prove their security and compliance posture while automating the manual work.

coinbase drata

It became clear to me right away that Drata is an engineering powerhouse. The solution they've developed is well ahead of other market players, and their approach to deep, native integrations provides users with the most advanced automation available

Philip Martin Coinbase
Philip Martin, Chief Security Officer | Coinbase
ceridian drata

Drata didn't build a product they thought the market wanted. They did the work to understand what the market actually needed. This customer-first focus is clearly reflected in their platform's technical sophistication and features. I feel like their team really did their diligence in appreciating what we do and providing the industry with a solution that could start delivering immediate impact.

Colin Anderson Ceridian
Colin Anderson, CISO | Ceridian
clearbanc drata

In a matter of minutes, we had Drata integrated with our environment and continuously monitoring our controls. We're now able to see our audit-readiness in real time, and receive tailored insights outlining exactly what needs to be done to remediate gaps. The Drata team has removed the headache from the compliance experience and allowed us to engage our people in the process of establishing a ‘security-first' mindset.

Christine Smoley Clearbanc
Christine Smoley, Security Engineering Lead | Clearco
Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2 Users love Drata on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2 Drata is a leader in Cloud Compliance on G2
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