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Thousands of leading companies use Drata to automate their compliance and risk programs, continuously monitor their controls, and scale securely.

Fivetran Customer Story

Learn how Fivetran leverages Drata’s Custom Frameworks saving 50% of time during the audit process.

Lemonade Customer Story

Learn how automated evidence collection and custom control mapping streamlines compliance.

AssuranceLab Customer Story

Learn how Drata’s customization capabilities help this customer feel confident as they scale.

Merge Customer Story

Learn how Drata’s Trust Center streamlines security reviews—accelerating their sales cycle.

Deeper Signals Customer Story

Learn how Drata turns manual compliance processes into an automated machine that reduces friction across the board.

PolicyDock Customer Story

See how automated evidence collection and continuous monitoring drastically reduces manual work.

Thnks Customer Story

Learn how continuous monitoring and helpful APIs eliminate manual processes.

Meet the thousands of companies that trust Drata

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Yana Li

Senior Manager, Information Security & Compliance

"Drata is simply the best tool for any company out there and their internal cybersecurity program. You don't need to be a security professional to be able to start managing your security processes with the help of Drata. Their platform has it all ready for you with automated monitoring of your security controls, up-to-date frameworks of your choice, and an educational portal for customers."

Yana Li - ShortPoint Image

Steve Swan


"Drata organized an otherwise chaotic process! The platform significantly reduced the time to collect and manage all of the systems, policies, and procedures in order to be ready for our report."

Steve Swan - StaffBot@2x
Red Rover

David Caughill

DevOps Engineer

"The quality and philosophy of support at Drata are unparalleled. Drata is superb in usability, design and integrations. The platform guides you through the convoluted compliance process gracefully, allowing you to quickly identify and address problem areas. Drata takes the onerous and sometimes backward process of compliance and wrangles it into a modern interface and an enjoyable customer experience. If you are on the fence, go with Drata. You won't be disappointed."

David Caughill - RedRover@2x

Our Customers Say the Darndest Things

G2 Five Stars

”Drata is the security cockpit of our company!"

Alexander Naydenov, Head of Sales at Hygraph

Featured Customer Stories

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How Drata’s Continuous Compliance Solution Helps SaaS Providers Streamline Compliance on AWS

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How Lemonade Saved 80% of Time Using Drata’s Continuous Compliance Automation

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Measurabl Automates 80% Of Their Compliance Program Moving To Drata From Competitor

Asset Maxio v2

How Drata’s Automation-Focused Approach Empowered Maxio to Pursue SOC 2 Success

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Why Superside Chose Drata to Tackle SOC 2 Compliance

Case Study Orchestry

How Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance Sets Orchestry Apart From Their Competitors

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Leaning on Automation to Expedite Security Questionnaires and Establish Customer Trust

What Our Customers Are Saying

Feedback and quotes from review platforms.


Investor, Mid-Market

Ian L.


"After lots of research and due diligence with competing products in the space, Drata is the clear winner adopting modern patterns & streamlining the path towards SOC 2."


Information Security Specialist

Michal T.


"Drata is a time saver, SOC 2 reporting has never been so easy... Monitoring the controls is easy and complete, Drata covers all aspects connected to SOC 2 reporting."


Head of Growth, Small Business

Franciska D.


"The whole team is hands on and have been super helpful and supportive... I've recommended Drata often to other startups and companies in general looking to streamline compliance and security."


Information Security Manager

Max G.


"Drata is simply the best automation and support system for InfoSec on the market. The platform itself is very well designed being naturally intuitive while offering an impressive array of automation tools."


Security Engineer, Small Business

Matt R.


"The control suite and monitoring reduced the cognitive load required for compliance, allowing us to spend more energy building our product. Drata saved us months of reinventing the wheel of what they provide out of the box."


Computer Software

Executive Sponsor


"I had been a customer of another compliance automation platform for a couple of years. When I first heard about Drata, I was hesitant to switch, but heard great things and knew there had to be a better solution out there than what we were using. From the initial demo, I thought 'Wow, this is what I've been looking for.'"

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Drata's platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don't have to be one.


Easily integrate your tech stack with Drata.


Pre-map auditor validated controls.


Begin automating evidence collection.

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Close more sales and build trust faster while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work to maintain compliance.