Pulkit Agrawal, CEO

"Before Drata, I felt like SOC 2 would be such a pain and kept putting it off. Drata makes it really accessible and straightforward and we're actually enjoying the process."

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Amiram Shachar, VP & GM

"Other solutions handled only small pieces of SOC 2, leaving us to spend hundreds of hours a year manually maintaining our compliance posture. Drata's solution automates so much of the process, from continuous control monitoring and evidence collection, to personnel onboarding and asset tracking. This has freed up our operations and engineering time to focus on product development and other priorities that affect our bottom line."

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Devin Ledesma, Software Engineer II

"My experience with Drata has exceeded expectations. The security policy creation process was a breeze. The dashboard is so easy to use, and it shows us our security posture in real-time. We save time and effort, leading to less stress as we scale. Drata automates the mind numbing maintenance and evidence collection, so my attention is given only when needed. The Customer Success team has been an excellent resource. They are so quick to answer questions, it's very comforting knowing they're there for us."

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Joe Reeve, Software Engineer

"Working with Drata has been great - the team is helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. The product has made our SOC 2 process so much easier and faster."

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Jack Collins, Co-Founder & CTO

"It's rare to find a product that elegantly solves my problems of today while also putting me on the right path to solve the challenges of tomorrow. When it comes to security and compliance workflows, Drata has exceeded my expectations, and I sleep better at night knowing they have my back."

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