How Axero Solutions Achieved SOC 2 Compliance in Record Time


Axero designs digital workspaces that empower employees to communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, organize content, and develop their company culture.

LocationNew York, NY
A case of an intranet software company using Drata to augment their compliance program.

The Challenge

Because SOC 2 compliance came up in several conversations with prospective customers, we knew it was imperative to work toward. Without knowing the full scope of options out there, we started conversations with a potential partner who gave us a pretty steep quote. This sent us back to the drawing board to think through alternative options.

But then we reached the final stage of an exciting sales opportunity, and the customer was adamant about us having SOC 2 compliance. We knew at this point, in order to close this deal and others in the future, SOC 2 compliance was a must-have.

After our false start, we started the search again.

The Vetting Process

While some of the legacy players we researched were similar in comparison, our decision to go with Drata came down to four components: pricing, user interface, speed to compliance, and the team. We felt confident Drata could guide us through the compliance journey while allowing us to continue focusing on the business. At the same time, we wanted a platform that we’d enjoy using every day without feeling overwhelmed by a sea of information we didn’t understand. Time kills all deals, and with a prospective client lingering on the line, we also needed a partner to help us become compliant yesterday.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Communication was a big piece to completing the compliance puzzle – the Drata team was incredibly responsive anytime we reached out, and gave us personalized attention to help address our questions. It was great to work with a partner that valued support as much as we do at Axero. And as a company that understands the importance of innovating quickly, we appreciate how fast Drata turns around new integrations and capabilities.

Leaning on Drata’s policy templates was also crucial; we were able to boil down 50-page policies to a few concise and coherent pages. Once the policies were in place, we were ready to swiftly onboard our team. Paired with Drata’s risk assessment offering and continuous monitoring, we were way ahead of where we thought we’d be at this stage of the process.


The team worked unbelievably fast, which led to us receiving our SOC 2 Type 1 report pretty quickly. Drata has been a huge time saver for our sales cycle and having an automated platform with a ready-to-share report is a major game changer compared to the time we spent on security questionnaires. We’re able to work on new deals faster, setting us up for continued success in the future.

What’s Next?

We’re already working with Drata on SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, having done most of the legwork during Type 1. We’re excited to continue growing and know that if we expand to future frameworks, Drata will help us along that journey.

Our experience with Drata was a 10 out of 10! Both the team and the product are best in class and they made our SOC 2 compliance journey a breeze. Working side-by-side with the Drata team, we were able to quickly and efficiently smooth over any obstacles that popped up along the way to SOC 2 success.

Adam Ilowite

CEO at Axero Solutions

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