How Drata Helps Rebrandly Continue its Growth Trajectory


Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform that’s transforming how brands interact with links by empowering businesses to create, share and manage compact and meaningful links that incorporate the company brand.

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A case of how Drata’s automation paves a smooth and efficient path along the SOC 2 journey.

The Path to SOC 2

Due to Rebrandly’s expansive growth, especially with large organizations, we were facing more and more enterprise security reviews. SOC 2 was the best solution to be able to produce and maintain structured and certified documentation about our security posture.

Why Drata

We were looking for a compliance automation platform that would help our security team continuously monitor our security procedures. After our search, all the positive reviews were pointing in the same direction: Drata.

The Experience

Drata helped our team to efficiently triage and schedule all the steps and documentation needed to be compliant with the SOC 2 framework and eventually pass the audit. The platform is easy to use and the team is incredibly patient, proactive and friendly; they provided us much-needed peace of mind by being available to us throughout every phase of the process.

Even better, auditors have great confidence over infrastructure-level controls, resulting in a major timesaver for all parties involved during the pre-audit stage.

What’s Next?

Now that we’re SOC 2 Type 1 compliant, we’re definitely pursuing Type 2 in the next phase of our evolving security posture. We also plan to evaluate ISO 27001 for the European market.

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