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Drata's Approach to AI

Building AI solutions aligned with integrity, trust, and regulations

Not Just AI. AI Built For Compliance.

Protecting client data isn't merely a priority; it is the foundation of trust and service integrity.


Strict Data Separation

We enforce strict data separation across customers to ensure your information is kept safe.


Content Moderation

Our team conducts internal reviews and uses automated tools to ensure data quality.


Responsible Governance

We designed our AI approach with fairness, inclusivity, safety, reliability, and privacy in mind.

Strict Data Separation

At Drata, here’s how we’re protecting customer data:

  • Privacy: Anonymize datasets to preserve privacy through data masking and other anonymizing strategies.

  • Access and Encryption: Following strict access control and encryption protocols aligned to current and pending global regulations.

  • Transparency: Proactively communicating our privacy practices and data management protocols to users.

Image - AI - Strict Data Separation

Content Moderation

We configure multiple guardrails to essure several aspects of data integrity:

  • Relevancy: Use the right data so the results are relevant to you.

  • Accuracy: Building the proper prompts and workflows to avoid hallucination or misinformation.

  • Control: Giving you the final approval on data governance, use, and ingestion.

Image - AI - Content Moderation

Responsible Governance

It’s imperative that these systems will function as intended despite real-world complexities.

  • Testing: Subject all AI models to rigorous testing, including evaluating synthetic datasets reflecting diverse scenarios.

  • Oversight: Enable human oversight and provide users transparency into AI workings.

  • Monitoring: Have well-defined model monitoring procedures to evaluate ongoing performance.

Image - AI - Responsible Governance

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