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Streamline Your Audits and Expand Your Reach

Save time with streamlined audit engagements

Generate reports and access evidence from your Drata dashboard to drastically reduce audit time. Automated evidence collection and mapping of your clients security controls results in less back-and-forth on evidence requests.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous, automated monitoring of the security controls your clients put in place mapped to SOC 2 criteria.

Automated Evidence Collection

Evidence is collected in Drata automatically, so less back-and-forth on screenshots, spreadsheets, and shared drives.

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Expand your client reach

Connect with today's fastest-growing tech companies using Drata to continuously monitor their security controls and stay audit-ready. Grow your client network via referrals as a trusted Drata Alliance Partner.

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Save your clients time

Continuous security and compliance monitoring is officially here. Your clients can save hundreds of hours per year automating their painful, manual compliance activities so they stay secure and audit-ready between your engagements. With Drata, your clients can avoid blindspots and be confident in their compliance posture every day of the year.

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Trust is Our Ethos

Our clients ask for our guidance in how they can save time and stay audit-ready, and we can now confidently point them to a trusted partner in Drata.

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