Compliance Automation in French, Spanish, and German

Brian Elmi

by Brian Elmi

October 27, 2022
Media - Drata Translation and Localization
The language of compliance is universal and necessary across the globe. It's why we're making Drata available in French, German, and Spanish.

The language of compliance is universal and necessary across the globe. Simplifying the compliance process is at the core of our mission at Drata and why we’re continuing to focus on making Drata more accessible to a global audience. As we reach new markets, we want to ensure our global customers are supported in their compliance journey.


Drata—your trusted compliance automation partner—is now available in French, German, and Spanish.

How Does It Work?


With these new language options, we’re helping companies strengthen their security so all of their teams can use Drata—no matter where they are located. During Drata’s initial onboarding process, administrators can set a default language for the whole organization.

Employees will then have the option to change the default language based on their preferences. The Drata platform and transaction emails will be translated to the preferred languages.

Although policies, controls, and risks are not currently available for translation, users will still have the ability to go in and customize them to their needs.

Impact On Global Teams


These new language options will improve communication and provide clarity on security protocol and policies for companies with employees on global teams. Scaling up your business means augmenting your security program simultaneously, without slowing down. 

Companies can expand to new countries and onboard employees that speak different primary languages with the peace of mind that their security and compliance processes are communicated properly. These new language options make Drata more accessible for all teams and ensure the entire company is on the same system—making it easier than ever for scale, growth, and communication.

As companies build and scale their security programs, Drata is continuing to expand our language offerings and translate the complex language of compliance. We’re offering these new primary language options so you can build global teams with the assurance that you’re staying secure with Drata. Book a demo to learn how to get started.

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Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
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