Continuous Security Monitoring with Drata + Kandji

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February 03, 2022

An important element of a strong compliance program involves device management—ensuring that the devices employees use to perform work functions are secure. 

Whether teams are working remotely, in-person, or in a hybrid environment, having real-time insight into programs like antivirus software or identity management providers is a key piece to achieving compliance and maintaining a sound security posture. 

Kandji is a cloud-based platform for centrally managing and securing Macs and other Apple devices, to improve and simplify the Mac user experience on its platform. And Kandji is one of the latest additions to Drata’s 50+ integrations with its compliance automation platform. 

What the Integration Does


Drata’s integration with Kandji allows the Drata platform to pull data directly from Kandji via API while eliminating the need for Mac users to utilize a separate agent. 

Setting Up on Kandji

Here’s how to enable this new integration on your Mac computer or Apple device:

  1. Enable and configure API access for your Kandji instance (more details on that here).

  2. Confirm your Kandji account is connected to an identity provider and that it’s the same provider in Drata.

  3. Head over to Settings > Access > API Token to add a token and give it a name/description. Copy it to your clipboard and configure the below permissions:

    • Device list: “/devices”

    • Device details: “/devices/{device_id}/details”

    • Application list: “/devices/{device_id}/apps”

    • Device library items: “/devices/{device_id}/library-items”

  4. Save the token and copy the API URL.

Setting Up on Drata

Now it’s time to complete the integration in Drata:

  1. Log into the Drata platform and open Connections to connect Kandji.

  2. Paste the API URL and API token (set up in Kandji), hit Save and Test Connection.

  3. Head back to Internal Security to turn on Automated via Kandji (and turn off Automated via Drata Agent).

Now, you’re all set! 

For more on integrating Drata and Kandji, check out Kandji’s blog post.

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