Introducing Trust Center: Earning Trust Just Got Easier

Use your security posture to build trust and expedite the sales process with Drata’s Trust Center. Keep reading to learn how.
Faraz Yaghouti

by Faraz Yaghouti

June 02, 2022

Over numerous conversations with our customers, our team began to notice a shared frustration with the amount of time it takes to field the same security requests from vendors or prospects over and over. 

As a customer-centric company, we got to work on a solution that would reduce back-and-forth emails answering repetitive security questions while enabling a new level of transparency between customers and their prospects.

And with that, we’re excited to introduce Trust Center, your newest tool for earning and maintaining customer trust.

Whether you want to streamline certification requests from vendors or customers, or you’re looking to build trust by transparently showcasing your security posture, Trust Center will help you get there. 

Keep reading to learn more about Trust Center and its defining features. To see Trust Center in action, check out our page or our launch partners’ like Trust & Will and Merge

What is Trust Center? 


Whether you’re part of a go-to-market team or a security professional, Trust Center allows you to display your security posture in real time on your website—bringing the power of Drata’s continuous control monitoring to the forefront of your site. 

Seamlessly integrate Trust Center on your site and showcase any attestations, certifications, and reports—like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more—requested by prospects, partners, or vendors. Expedite the process of sharing these reports and give your security, sales, and marketing teams a central location to manage and display your security posture. 

Furthermore, Trust Center allows you and the teams you serve to build trust by showing your commitment to transparency and security. 

How Can Trust Center Enhance My Business? 


A Trust Center page can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on security questionnaire responses. 

Operationalize the process of sharing the most updated proof of your security and compliance work by having one place to request access to reports, certifications, and attestations—without constantly asking your marketing team to update your site. Trust Center also allows your security team to show your leadership and board proof of the daily security and compliance measures you are leading. 


Lastly, Trust Center’s real-time view into your organization’s security and compliance posture can improve customer trust and accelerate your sales cycles and security reviews.  

Key Features and Displays

Trust Center seamlessly integrates into your website and allows you to display multiple security and compliance efforts in a way that works for your organization.

Check out Deeper Signals’s Trust Center, one of our launch partners that are now using it. Here’s the breakdown of how and what you can display on your Trust Center page: 

Gated Access and NDA 

First, it’s important to note that your team can control the information you showcase and who gets access to any reports. 

When a prospect or customer wishes to see a report, they must accept a click-wrap NDA to make the request. Once the terms of the NDA are accepted, a request is sent through Trust Center to an administrator to acknowledge the NDA and approve or deny the request. 

Once that request is approved, both the requestor and the admin receive an email with the watermarked NDA and requested files. 

Compliance Reports


All reports, certificates, and attestations you choose to share will appear on your Trust Center page including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and more. A prospect or customer will be able to go to your Trust Center and request any of these reports or attestations in a single location. 

Monitored Controls


With Trust Center, you can choose to display the security controls you’re continuously monitoring within Drata and their status. Once you select your settings, those controls will automatically show in real time, without the need to make manual updates. 

If you choose to show the status of your controls, you have the option to pick a flexible SLA and add a description or an additional explanation of each control.

Security Reports and Policies


Whether it’s a recent penetration test, risk or red teaming assessment, or a vulnerability scan, you’ll be able to show any report you choose in a central location.

You can also display essential security and privacy policies, programs, and procedures you follow to keep your organization and customer data safe within your Trust Center page. 



Display your latest sub-processors within your Trust Center page. Listing your most up-to-date sub-processors, their purpose, and data location can help reassure prospects and customers that you’re covering all of your bases when it comes to privacy and confidentiality.

Luckily, if you choose to display your sub-processors, they will automatically pull and update from your Drata Vendor page—removing another task from your team’s list. 

Custom Look and Feel

Lastly, with HTML, CSS, or Javascript, your Trust Center page can be customized to match your brand and the look and feel of your website. Trust Center allows you to modify the top of the page to follow the flow of your existing navigation and add your logo, links, colors, etc. 

Trust Center, by Drata, is a way to prove your commitment to building trust-based relationships with customers and partners. If you’re ready to make your Trust Center page live and display some of the daily security actions you’re taking, reach out to your customer success manager. 

If you’re not a Drata customer, schedule some time with our team to see how you can automate your journey to compliance and set yourself apart from competitors with a security-first approach.

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