Introducing Drata Workspaces for Complex Compliance Needs

Manage and customize multiple compliance environments for different products and business lines in one place.
Brian Elmi

by Brian Elmi

October 28, 2022
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At Drata, we understand that security and compliance needs are complex across rapidly growing organizations and industries. Which is why from the start, we set out to build a compliance automation platform that wouldn’t default as a one-size-fits-all solution.

As a result, we’ve released products and features like Custom Frameworks and controls, Risk Management, and Trust Center this year alone. And today, we’re launching Drata Workspaces to enable customers with scaling risk and compliance programs to fully customize their compliance environments for different products—all under one account.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new feature and how it can further simplify your compliance environments.

Why Workspaces?

As growing startups, midsize companies, and enterprises expand their product offerings, their compliance requirements also become much more complicated. And implementing different software or creating multiple accounts to tackle the unique compliance needs of various product lines is quite common.

In turn, this can cause compliance programs to become disorganized, time consuming, and inefficient. Not to mention labor intensive as teams waste resources on duplicative work to ensure compliance across different frameworks and product lines.

That’s where Workspaces comes in.

Benefits of Using Drata Workspaces

If you have multiple products within your business with different compliance requirements, Drata Workspaces will allow you to manage each of them separately while still taking advantage of any completed, overlapping work.

Your security team will be able to fine tune Drata to manage your security postures, frameworks, audits, policies, attestations, and more to meet the specific requirements of each environment in one place.

Note: The Workspaces capability is a paid feature with an additional cost per workspace. If you’re a Drata customer, your plan may already include Workspaces capabilities so be sure to connect with your success manager to verify.

How Workspaces Supports Growth

Create a new workspace in Drata for any sub-product, business unit, or framework that requires additional customization of controls and automated tests.

From there you can:

  • Save time by monitoring and automating compliance for multiple products in one place.

  • Reduce the workload, duplicative efforts, and back and forths of having separate accounts for different product lines.

  • Give auditors a single view of necessary evidence of compliance for all your frameworks and products.

  • Get peace of mind knowing that Drata is monitoring and informing you of any issues and failed controls you specifically set for each workspace.

Finally eliminate workarounds and extra software to effectively manage your security and compliance posture across your products and business lines.

Our unrivaled pace of innovation is thanks to your feedback. We’re looking forward to seeing our growing, mid-market and enterprise customers put Workspaces to use to further simplify their compliance workflows.

To start creating Workspaces, book a demo with our team today.

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Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi
Brian Elmi is Drata Head of Product. He is an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about building products. Brian has had the opportunity to work with and coach talented teams to build and manage many products from concept to launch. Some examples include Mobile browsers (iOS and Android), messaging/collaboration platform, developer community/app store, small business ERP solutions, video advertising platform for SMBs, and more.

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