What Does Trust Mean? Three Drata Customers Answer

Kay Lutz

by Kay Lutz

July 01, 2022
We tapped into the brains of three Drata customers on how they use their Trust Center to establish trust through transparency and security.

The word trust is tossed around a lot in the compliance industry, but it can be challenging to determine what trust means for different companies. Without anything concrete to back it up, trust is an abstract concept.New cyber threats and techniques are announced daily across the globe while strict data privacy regulations lag behind the advancement of technology.

Customers urgently request transparency in how companies safeguard their data. Transparency in data privacy and security practices builds trust between your company and your customers.

So how do you build trust between your company and your prospects, vendors, or partners? How do you prove that your security posture is built to protect the supply chain?We tapped into the brains of three leaders who work among the Drata customer portfolio on how they use their Trust Center to establish trust through transparency and security.

How Do You Build Trust?

Our customers understand that compliance isn’t just a one-and-done process. It’s an ongoing commitment to have a security-first approach to handling data. Being transparent with data practices and continuously monitoring controls are just a few ways to build trust.

Merge API

Merge API

Merge API uses one API to integrate with all HR, payroll, recruiting, accounting, ticketing, and CRM platforms. They know it’s their responsibility to ensure personally identifiable information (PII) they handle is kept safe.

"Trust and transparency are principles that our team values immensely. We want current and prospective customers and partners to feel confident in our product and our measures to safeguard their data. Drata’s Trust Center empowers us to publicly share our security posture in real time, providing them peace of mind and allowing us to stand out in a competitive market.” —Gil Feig, Co-Founder, Merge API

At the top of Merge API’s Trust Center, a continuous monitoring badge is displayed. It means they publicly share their security posture in real time. Their Trust Center contains their SOC 2 Type 2 report, results of their pen test, data privacy policies, and the various controls being continuously monitored. With its strong security posture readily available, Merge API has the upper hand against competitors.

Trust & Will

Trust & Will

Companies strive to put trust at the core of their values. At Trust & Will, an accessible solution to estate planning, trust is not only a core value but a part of the brand name. When dealing with something as serious as estate planning, the last thing customers want to worry about is having their privacy compromised. It’s why they use Trust Center to provide real-time transparency to their customers and partners.

“Trust is not just part of our company’s name. Safeguarding customers’ privacy and security are paramount to our company’s value. As an early user of Trust Center, we value the real-time transparency it provides to our customers and partners to prove that their data is safe and secure—at all points in time.” —Eric Urhausen, Head of Engineering at Trust & Will

Trust & Will’s Trust Center has their SOC 2 Type 1 report available, and a wide range of security reports, data privacy policies, subprocessor information, and the controls being continuously monitored. Each Trust Center is customizable to include different aspects of security and data privacy practices that are relevant to your company’s needs.



Metadata.io, the first marketing operating system for B2B marketers, knows they stand out by sharing the constant state of their compliance posture. Many companies show their proof of compliance through different security reports and attestations, like SOC 2. Using their Trust Center, Metadata.io exhibits dedication to building trust with customers and prospective clients by giving real-time visibility to their security posture. 

“Security, trust, and privacy are the principles of business. Today, attestations and certifications are often not enough. We partnered with Drata not only to ease our compliance maintenance, but through Drata’s Trust Center, share the constant state of our security and compliance posture with our customers and prospective clients in real time. Drata’s Trust Center adds an additional layer of transparency that companies now demand.” —Raymond Taft, Chief Information Security Officer for Metadata.io

Your Drata Trust Center

You’ve seen how our customers use their Trust Center, but how could your business use it? Whether you’re part of a go-to-market team or a security professional, Trust Center allows you to display your security posture in real time on your website—bringing the power of Drata’s continuous control monitoring to the forefront of your site.

Seamlessly integrate Trust Center on your site and showcase any attestations, certifications, and reports—like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more—requested by prospects, partners, or vendors. Expedite the process of sharing these reports and give your security, sales, and marketing teams a central location to manage and display your security posture. 

Learn more about how Trust Center can help your company establish trust and accelerate your sales cycle.

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