How AssuranceLab is Future-Proofing Their Compliance With Drata

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AssuranceLab is a modern, cybersecurity and cloud-native audit partner that provides single and multi-standard compliance audits to global standards.

LocationSydney, New South Wales
IndustryBusiness Services
A case on how Drata’s customization capabilities empower customers to feel confident that their compliance program is scalable.

About AssuranceLab

AssurancesLab is an audit firm and product business that's creating a new and better way for managing audits for our clients.

Why SOC 2

Because trust is at the center point of our mission and vision as a company, it becomes increasingly important to demonstrate our own security practices and meet our customers' expectations in regards to compliance. That was really the driver for us initiating SOC 2.

The Drata Experience

As an audit firm, we've partnered with Drata for a long time and we wanted the most automated and simplified way of managing our own compliance. Drata’s Platform has a lot of integrations and automation, but also configurability. It ensures that we’re pursuing compliance our way and doing it with a quality approach.

What I was most pleasantly surprised about using Drata is that a lot of complex things in the compliance world are broken down into simple methods within the platform. It took away a lot of the headaches and hurdles during the compliance process.

The simplicity of the Drata Platform is really reflected in why our clients enjoy using it and why we enjoyed our experience as well. Drata’s not just a generic one-size-fits-all approach—you can customize a lot of the elements, and I think that's really important in terms of future-proofing your compliance. As you get new enterprise requirements, and as the quality standards lift over the years, it's going to be really important to have that configurability and adapt that compliance to fit the specific business environment. That's where, Drata’s really got it right in terms of the platform’s design.

The Audit Process

Audits can be very daunting—there can be big headaches along the way. With Drata, I think those pain points are really taken out of the process to the point where after our first walkthrough meeting with MJD advisors, I said to Mike (who was leading the audit), “I'm disappointed that that's finishing now,” which is something I never thought I would say in relation to an audit process.

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