Trust Center Success: Class’ Path to Improved Sales Cycles and Customer Confidence

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Class adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom and Microsoft Teams and makes the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom.

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A case on leveraging strategic partnerships for enhanced security and compliance.

Class’ Mission and Commitment

At Class Technologies, the core mission is to revolutionize the learning experience. The organization uses innovative tools that promote active learning to enhance both learners’ and instructors’ engagement. This mission is built on a firm commitment to compliance, ensuring that all operations consistently meet and surpass industry standards.

Initial Challenges With A Competing Platform

The journey toward achieving SOC 2 compliance initially presented significant challenges for Class. The first compliance automation platform Class used—introduced through a recommendation—fell very short of expectations. This previous provider disorganized the process, making the path to compliance success hard to define. Class was struggling to work with the vendor to identify what was needed and not needed for SOC 2. 

The company was looking for more than just a tool—they sought a collaborative partnership that would promote mutual growth and success. However, this initial partnership did not meet these criteria, leading Class to continue their compliance process manually.

Discovering Drata

During this period of time, Class continued their hunt for the ideal compliance automation solution, and that’s when they discovered Drata. Drata distinguished itself not merely as a service provider but as a crucial partner in Class’ pursuit of compliance excellence. 

Drata's leadership, responsiveness, creativity, and robust product delivery has made themselves a benchmark for vendor performance at Class—setting Drata as the standard for all subsequent vendor evaluations. 

Seamless Integration With Drata's Trust Center

Class initially planned to develop a web presence through a third-party developer, aiming to create a proprietary web page filled with comprehensive compliance content. Fortunately, Drata already offered an out-of-the-box Trust Center that aligned perfectly with these needs.

By integrating Drata's Trust Center directly into their website, Class was able to use trust as a strategic advantage early in the sales process. Promoting this through various sales channels has not only enhanced transparency but also significantly bolstered customer confidence.

Trust as a Competitive Advantage 

The implementation of the Drata Trust Center has been a resounding success for Class, earning praise even at the highest levels of the company. Presenting Class’ Trust Center to the Board of Directors earned a standing ovation, showcasing the company's proactive approach to securing client data and building trust.

This strategic focus on trust has translated into tangible business benefits, including accelerated sales cycles and zero lost or slowed down sales opportunities due to security concerns. With Drata's support, Class maintains continuous compliance and SOC 2 audit readiness, continually earning and reinforcing client trust.

Investment in a Scalable Security Ecosystem

For Class, investing in Drata extends beyond a typical vendor-customer relationship—it’s an investment into a comprehensive ecosystem that supports scalable compliance growth. This partnership has become the backbone of the security program at Class.

An investment in Drata is not just an investment into a platform, it's an investment into an ecosystem. It's been the backbone of how we're growing our security program.

Jonas Hirshfield

SVP, Security, IT & DevOps

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