Deeper Signals Gets Higher Value With Drata Over Legacy Provider

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A case on how the depth and breadth of Drata’s compliance automation is leaps above the competition.

About Deeper Signals

Our mission at Deeper Signals is to democratize feedback so that every employee gets access to unbiased, data driven feedback that helps them maximize their potential and professional growth.

SOC 2 Before Drata

We worked with a vendor that's doing a similar thing to Drata. However, they're an older, more incumbent compliance partner in a space that's still modernizing. After beginning to work with them, we could quickly see that their technology was not quite at the level that really streamlined and automated the process. We decided to walk away from that engagement and started researching other vendors, and Drata floated to the top of the list.

The Drata Experience

Ultimately, after our product demo with Drata, we could clearly see that the technology was second to none. It truly turns a manual process into an automated process. From an experience level, I have nothing else to say but 10 out of 10.

What also stood out in the Drata Platform was the ability to share approvals and processes between different compliance frameworks. You can proactively see your percentage towards each framework—so what you do for one framework helps for another framework. That's huge and provided a 75% time saving for my team.

The continuous updating of the platform and the enhancements that Drata is making is also key, and Trust Center would be a great example. Trust Center gives a customer-facing lens to the compliance pieces that Data is monitoring, so it helps alleviate a lot of that friction from the procurement and onboarding process.


Overall, I'm glad we switched to the younger company that's catalyzing changes in the compliance space. They have really nailed down the process and are super thorough and reliable. And since working with Drata, we were able to finish compliance in around half of the time that we were told it would take us to do the normal way.

I definitely recommend my startup network who ask me about our SOC 2 journey to check in with Drata—no hesitation about that.

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