Why Drata Customers Achieve Higher ROI Compared to Other Automated Compliance Competitors

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Discover how Gather Voices transitioned from manually managing their compliance program—even with a competing automated compliance software and consultant—to achieving a 4X return on investment with Drata.

The Pain of Manual Compliance

A year and a half ago at Gather Voices, we manually prepared for our ISO 27001 audit. We committed over a hundred hours of our internal resources to this audit. Additionally, we had to hire an external consultant, at significant expense, to ensure that all our documentation was correctly prepared.

Given the labor-intensive nature of the manual compliance process, we sought to automate this cumbersome task. As a result, we transitioned to a dedicated compliance automation software. 

Unfortunately, even with this software our team spent too much time and resources to become compliant.

Continue reading for insights on our shift from a competitor to Drata.

Our Previous Compliance Automation Provider

Prior to partnering with Drata, we were using a different compliance automation platform. Despite three months of implementation attempts, the company couldn't help us make any progress.

From that unsuccessful experience, we identified aspects to avoid in the future. Here are some key limitations of our previous compliance platform:

1. Confusing User Interface and Insufficient Guidance

The previous platform lacked embedded documentation, which hindered our team's self-learning process. We struggled with understanding some key compliance terms, and unfortunately, the software didn't offer the necessary guidance or support.

Moreover, the interface was problematic. We encountered multiple issues while setting up integrations. Despite submitting support tickets, we only received generic responses from the Customer Success team stating they were addressing the issue, but we never saw any resolution.

2. Unresponsive Customer Support Team 

The support process was slow, with response times being extremely lengthy. The answers we received lacked important details and only partially addressed our issues. We spent three months without any solutions or explanations for why some of our integrations were failing. This process was frustrating and time-consuming. Additionally, the software was hard to use and offered a poor user experience.

How Drata Ranks Above the Competition

Given our previous failed implementation with another provider, we had extremely high expectations for Drata. We approached this with a skeptical and critical mindset, assessing everything from pricing to features and user interface. Although we anticipated an intensive and complicated process, our experience with Drata was surprisingly straightforward. Below are some key benefits we've gleaned from Drata:

1. 80% of ISO 27001 Controls Implemented in Two Weeks

Due to a disappointing past experience, we decided to deviate from the traditional sales procurement process. We took the time to thoroughly test the software we planned to select. During our evaluation of Drata, we were able to implement 80% of our ISO 27001 controls. This result was astounding to us. We anticipated improvements, but we didn't expect to be almost fully operational within two weeks. The significant progress made in such a short time frame was impressive, and we were ready to proceed.

Now we're only spending 1-2 hours weekly to resolve the small compliance tasks that remain. All of the risk has been mitigated and eliminated upfront through a seamless implementation process.

2. Expert Live Support in Minutes, Not Days

Before using Drata, we were spending a significant amount of money on an external consultant. Now with Drata, we simply open a chat window on the platform and instantly connect with a team of audit advisors and technical support members. Obtaining guidance on any questions we have is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

We've transformed a very expensive consultant into a faster and more immediate chat with Drata support.

3. Five-Star Policy Templates

Having already manually gone through ISO 27001, we had all our policies ready when we started with Drata. The policy templates from Drata were so well-crafted that adopting them significantly reduced our implementation time. Additionally, connecting AWS and other integrations was a seamless process. We managed to sync them within just a few days.

Return on Investment

With Drata, we can demonstrate the tangible progress of our compliance efforts to our executive leadership, and they are thrilled with the visibility it offers. We've cut our spending in half, both in terms of money and time, while delivering a solid 4x ROI. No other compliance tool has offered us this advantage.

Our compliance program has grown more effectively with Drata, and we're prepared to take it to the next level. In addition to ISO 27001, we plan to implement GDPR with Drata. This will allow us to save time and money without compromising the quality of our compliance program.

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