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How Lucidworks Automated 40% of Compliance Work by Switching to Drata From a Legacy Provider

Asset Lucidworks v2

Lucidworks is a website search platform designed to gather actionable insights about user intent and deliver them to the relevant channels of engagement.

LocationSan Francisco, CA
How leveraging a co-located risk management solution can streamline your security program.

About Lucidworks

​​Lucidworks is an enterprise search company that specializes in helping individuals—whether it be at work or play—find the information that they need to be successful. We are a website search platform that streamlines the process of finding products to purchase.

Before: Compliance With a Competitor

Lucidworks originally started out pursuing ISO 27001 with a competing platform to Drata. Our previous platform was very robust but required a lot of maintenance.

It's embarrassing to admit, but we spent many hours using this previous system trying to map our ISO 27001 controls to SOC 2 controls so we could gain a clear picture of where we needed to make improvements.

Looking back, I'm kind of mad that we spent hours on this project because we could have co-mapped these exact controls within a couple minutes in Drata.

After: Compliance With Drata

In the past, I would have to guess the status on some of our compliance items, but now I have the factual proof thanks to Drata. I'm able to easily log in to my Drata dashboard and see the percentage completed on all of our frameworks. We also have insights into our progress as we add new frameworks.

From the first introduction to our team to our onboarding session, our experience with Drata has been really good. We were able to easily set up a lot of our integrations in that very first session. I love the in-app support—we can quickly tap into former auditors or support staff throughout any step of our journey.

Streamlined Risk Management Solution

Risk management and vendor security management was previously a big pain point for us. In the past, we were sending out some of that information through different surveys or methods electronically, but it wasn’t co-located with where we were keeping our risk assessment information.

Now that we've moved to Drata and have implemented their Risk Management solution, all of our information is in one location, making it much easier to manage.

Return on Investment = Accelerated GTM

When I looked through all of the compliance records that we were previously keeping manually, we were able to automate an additional 40% of that workload—allowing us to refocus our priorities and align them to business outcomes.

By implementing Drata, we're saving so much time with our compliance maintenance activities. In turn, we can devote that time to other areas of the business like empowering our sales teams and our sales engineering teams.Drata has helped facilitate this cross-functional collaboration in a streamlined way, so all teams can easily access the information they need.

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