How Trust & Will Leverage Drata's Continuous Compliance to Scale GTM Efforts

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Trust & Will is making estate planning affordable and accessible with a fast, easy, and secure way for people to create, manage, and distribute their estate plan online.

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Checking in with Trust & Will as a happy Drata customer since the beginning.

Checking In With Trust & Will

Since becoming Drata customer at the start of 2021, we saw value in compliance automation from day one. Two and a half years later, we’re elated with the efficiency and guidance Drata has delivered, allowing us to save hundreds of hours in manual compliance while scaling exponentially.

As an early customer, here’s a check-in on our experience with Drata over the last two years.

How Trust & Will Grew Alongside Drata 

Much as Drata has grown in the last two and a half years, so has Trust & Will—and our security needs as an organization. As an estate planning company, achieving and maintaining compliance is mission-critical for Trust & Will. Our professional network is largely made up of financial institutions and banking partners, a group heavily reliant on compliance and doing due diligence.

“Being compliant is table stakes for us. Conversations with potential partners can’t even start without us having an up-to-date SOC 2 report.”

Scaling Our GTM With Drata’s Trust Center

We’ve remained a happy Drata customer for so long because their platform truly makes it easy for our compliance program to scale—especially with their recent addition of Trust Center.

Trust Center has greatly reduced time spent on communications between prospects and the sales team. Instead of constantly having to complete repetitive security questionnaires and put together security packages for customers, my team can now direct all of our incoming compliance requests to Trust & Will’s Trust Center.

A process that used to take three months and required a lot of communication with many stakeholders now takes a couple weeks with limited bottlenecks to get through. Trust Center has empowered our sales team members with the resources they need to expedite sales cycles.

We were also excited to hear about Drata’s recently announced Trust Center Essential, a complimentary version of their Trust Center offering. With this latest version, any Drata customers can publish a limited version of Trust Center for free. Drata has proven to be a trusted company to work with that delivers strong product iterations based on customer feedback and need.

How Drata Keeps Their Customers Delighted

At every stage of the customer journey, Drata truly prioritizes educating their customers on compliance, and any changes in the industry that could affect our security program. Whether that be changes to frameworks, requirements, or policies, they are committed to providing an accurate and reliable compliance automation platform.

“Prior to Drata, we had a very long ramp-up and lead time for any written policies. Drata has helped us write nearly 30 policies in just a few days."

Drata is now an integrated part of our daily workday because of its value in helping us maintain our compliance efforts. They’ve made it so easy for us as a customer, here are details on why we’ve stayed loyal to Drata for nearly two and a half years.

1. Unmatched Customer Support

Since the beginning, we’ve seen the exceptional emphasis Drata puts on customer support. Drata’s support and compliance advisory teams continually exceed our expectations, and their customer-centric, trust-centered approach shines through in every interaction we’ve had. It’s a testament to their values and culture as a company.

2. Seamless Auditor Collaboration With Audit Hub

We connected with our audit firm, Schneider Downs, using Drata’s Auditor Alliance Network, simplifying the audit process and facilitating helpful communication and collaboration with our auditor.

With Drata’s Audit Hub, evidence collection was so much easier and more streamlined because our auditor could navigate the platform themselves to find necessary documentation. Drata’s Platform really is an all-in-one tool for the entire compliance process.

"I was actually surprised at how few touch points we needed with our auditor because they could source the evidence entirely themselves within Drata. Streamlining that process alone saved my team tons of time.”

3. Manage Multiple Frameworks With Ease

After achieving SOC 2, we decided to expand our compliance program to include HIPAA. With Drata, we’re able to track progress for both frameworks and how they overlap work (if they do), so my team isn’t duplicating tasks.

Our dashboard clearly lays out where we’re at with compliance items for both frameworks and how to remediate any discrepancies. Drata also gives us insight into our progress with other frameworks we haven’t added to our account yet. This is helpful in knowing how close we are to completing other compliance requirements we may want to add to our security program.

ROI Delivered With Continuous Compliance

Looking back on our long history with Drata, it’s clear that our biggest return on investment is seen through their continuous approach to compliance—which Trust & Will has now adopted. Because Drata allows us to monitor our compliance posture continuously, my team and I are headed into our second SOC 2 Type 2 audit feeling completely comfortable, relaxed, and confident.

Not only that, but preparing for this audit was night and day compared to two years ago. Instead of spending months heads down, actively preparing and worrying about what could come up during an audit, all my team had to do was stay alert to our compliance dashboard, remediate any control failures, and regularly review Drata’s task list to see which policies need to be reviewed and when.

By taking a continuous approach to compliance at Trust & Will, we have fewer compliance items falling through the cracks and increased visibility to our compliance posture. Drata continues to be an incredible partner and support system for us as we implement top-notch security and compliance to accelerate our company’s mission.

Drata has continually delivered intuitive, time-saving capabilities over the last two years. We went from having no audit experience to a streamlined and truly automated compliance process. The culture of security at Trust & Will has significantly improved since using Drata, by empowering the company to share the responsibility of protecting our members’ data.

Eric Urhausen

Head of Engineering, Trust & Will

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