Maximizing ROI With Compliance: How Vareto Slashes Time and Streamlines Operations With Trust Center

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Vareto is a business planning platform that enables Finance, Sales, HR, and Executive teams to plan, analyze, and ultimately operate better.

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See how Drata can easily scale with your compliance program.

Why Compliance Is Non-Negotiable for Vareto

For an enterprise-grade platform, compliance isn't just an obligatory box to check; it's the bedrock of trust and credibility for our customers. Brand integrity is critical and we can't afford any lapses in compliance. That's why Vareto originally set out to leverage a robust, automated solution—and we’ve since found it in Drata.

Tangible Benefits We’ve Experienced with Drata

Leveraging Drata has brought a host of tangible benefits to our compliance program and we've seen substantial improvements in how we manage and implement compliance within our organization. Here are some of the specific advantages that have had the most impact:

1. Real-Time Compliance Monitoring Is Real

With Drata’s real-time continuous monitoring, we never have to guess where we’re at with compliance initiatives. We get real-time data and alerts, empowering us to act swiftly on any compliance issues, and reducing last-minute bottlenecks by ensuring we have all the necessary documentation and evidence in place well ahead of time. As someone who’s leading the charge on Vareto’s compliance program, Drata helps me stay on track, proactive, and organized.

2. Never Miss a Deadline While Scaling

Since expanding our compliance program at Vareto, it becomes easier to miss renewal deadlines or yearly housekeeping items because as your initiatives expand, so does your workload.

With Drata, we now get intuitive alert and tracking capabilities, making compliance management a proactive rather than reactive activity. Drata helps my team consistently stay ahead of compliance deadlines, so they can focus their efforts on non-related compliance items that are critical to the business.

3. One-Stop Shop for Compliance, Trust, and Beyond

Drata offers a straightforward, centralized compliance platform that makes managing multiple frameworks a breeze—from SOC 2 to any other frameworks we may consider in the future. And with the added utility of Drata’s Trust Center, we have one centralized view for all things compliance, simplifying what could otherwise be a complex process.

Why Drata Was the Clear Choice for Vareto

After researching and engaging with many compliance automation platforms on the market, we’re exceptionally happy we chose Drata—which is why we’ve remained customers for nearly three years. Here are some key reasons Drata stands out among competitors:

1. Alignment Across the Board

Drata's commitment to automation fits right in with our own mission to streamline routine financial work. The company clearly aligns with our business goals and shows value to customers from the jump. Their automation capabilities coupled with their customer support are what sets them apart.

Drata felt like finding a strategic partner, not just a service provider.

2. Drata Provides Us with Scalability and Adaptability

As a company in a scaling phase, we needed a compliance solution that would grow with us. Drata’s platform is designed with scalability in mind, assuring us that as we expand, our compliance foundation remains strong and adaptable.

Given that Vareto is in a rapid scaling phase, flexibility is critical for us. One key attribute that sets Drata apart from other options is its adaptability to our business operations. Unlike other solutions that may offer a prescriptive approach to compliance, Drata allows for a tailored fit, and they’re willing to step in and back that up. This enables us to maintain compliance without a complete overhaul of our existing processes to fit a rigid mold.

4. Drata Is Tailored to Evolving Business Needs

Drata is clearly committed to evolution itself. Drata’s platform and feature offerings are not static; they adjust to meet our changing needs, allowing us to tweak our compliance program as our business expands and diversifies.

For example, since becoming a Drata customer we’ve expanded our compliance program to include SOC 2, GDPR, Trust Center, and Risk Management—all of which Drata offers. It really is a one-stop shop for our needs as a customer.

ROI We've Seen With Drata

Before implementing Drata, my team was allocating an inordinate amount of manual effort to manage compliance, which was a distraction from their core mission of helping companies operate better.

Adopting Drata has allowed us to significantly reduce that manual overhead, offering a substantial return on investment and letting our teams focus their energy and resources towards innovation and growth.

Drata’s Trust Center has also immensely helped us streamline operations as our centralized compliance hub, offering a simple yet comprehensive overview to make the whole compliance process far more manageable.

Next Up For Vareto’s Compliance Journey

We have big plans for scaling our platform and expanding our own offerings, and we view Drata as an integral part of that future. We’re looking forward to further refining our compliance program to make it even more efficient and aligning it with our business growth using Drata’s versatile toolkit.

While there may be things that look compelling on the surface about some other compliance platforms, when you look at the whole package, Drata is the clear choice. Vareto’s compliance program can easily scale with Drata, and their automation helps us save hours of time on manual compliance tasks.

Nathan Harkenrider


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