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Drata for Startups

Compliance That Moves At Startup Speed

Accelerate trust in the market and unlock opportunities by automating compliance with 20+ frameworks including SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and HIPAA.

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Want to Scale Your Startup?

Start with compliance.

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Unblock Sales & Funding

No one wants to work with a security risk. Getting compliant proves to customers that you take security seriously—expediting the sales process.

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Scale Securely

Compliance gets harder as you scale. Grow your company safely and avoid fines and breaches with a strong compliance posture from the start.

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Unlock Expansion

Get compliant with the frameworks required to expand into enterprise deals, different regions, and new verticals.

Why Startups Should Automate Their Compliance

Managing compliance with screenshots and spreadsheets isn’t a great use of a startup’s time. So we automated it for you.

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startup compliance automation

Time is a startup’s #1 resource. By automating manual compliance tasks like evidence collection, you drastically reduce the time it takes to get compliant.

First SOC 2? We got you. By automatically mapping controls and requirements, Drata eliminates guesswork and gives clear direction throughout the process. 

Controls fail. Policies need to get signed. And training must be completed. Good luck tracking all that in a spreadsheet. With Drata, your current compliance status, including missing requirements, are automatically surfaced to you.

Need an answer to looong security questionnaires? With Trust Center, you can publish and share your compliance documentation in real time—expediting security reviews and the sales process. 

Meet Drata - We Have You Covered in All Things Compliance

See how automated evidence collection and continuous monitoring reduces manual work for startups who need to move fast.

Access 20+ Frameworks Designed to Help You Achieve Your Goals


SOC 2 defines criteria for managing data based on: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Everything You Need to Get Audit-Ready Faster

From setup to the final audit, we’ve built automation into every corner of our product—making the compliance process 5x faster than manual efforts.

Map Automated Tests to Controls

Pre-Mapped Controls

Choose from our library of pre-built frameworks that come with all the requirements you need to achieve compliance. 

Automated Evidence Collection

Automated Evidence Collection

Create the compliance documentation you need in minutes with simple, native integrations that collect and store evidence automatically.

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Continuous Control Monitoring

Get non-stop peace of mind with daily tests that validates your audit readiness, identifies potential security risks, and recommends what needs to be fixed.

Information Security Policies

Security Policy Templates

Streamline the creation, signing, and management of the policies needed for SOC 2 and other frameworks with 20+ auditor-approved templates.

Auditor Matching and Process

Accurate Audit Readiness

Surprises are great. Just not during an audit. Get an accurate picture of what’s complete and what needs attention before your audit.

World Class Support

Expert Support, Extra Fast

Compliance gets confusing. With step-by-step guidance, live support, and access to compliance experts 24/5, we’ll keep you on track.  

Collect More Evidence in Fewer Clicks

With hundreds of native integrations, Drata automatically collects compliance evidence for you. That means less digging through tools, taking screenshots, and updating spreadsheets.

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Drata integrations

Fast Track SOC 2

Learn how this startup achieved compliance quickly—without draining resources.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Check out our G2 reviews to see why other startups love using Drata to achieve and maintain compliance.


Zach S


"The customer support provided by the Drata team is exceptional. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and readily available to address any questions that arise during the compliance process."


Ian S


"Drata gives us an easy-to-use platform with a great UI. Compliance can be quite difficult, but Drata helps to simplify the process."


Harrout K


"Within 10 days we were able to achieve 98% compliance posture thanks to their automated system, template policies, and most importantly their excellent audit compliance and customer success teams."


Customers Automating Compliance


Customer Satisfaction Rating


G2 Ease-of-Use Rating

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Succeed in SOC 2

Ark needed SOC 2 to win bigger deals. See how Drata’s templates and live support reduced the barrier to entry and simplified their processes.

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Get Deals Done

With a deal on the line, Axero needed to get SOC 2 compliant yesterday. Read how Drata’s support, automation, and simple UI helped them work smarter.

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Remove Sales Friction

See how Trust Center gives a customer-facing lens to the compliance pieces, alleviating friction from the procurement and onboarding.

Start Your Compliance Journey

See how Drata can fast track compliance for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and 20+ other frameworks.

Looking for More?

Explore our additional resources for startups.

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Automate Your Journey

Drata's platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don't have to be one.


Easily integrate your tech stack with Drata.


Pre-map auditor validated controls.


Begin automating evidence collection.

Put Security & Compliance on Autopilot®

Close more sales and build trust faster while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work to maintain compliance.

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