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Mitigate Virtual Threats with Cyber Essentials Compliance

Achieve Cyber Essentials compliance faster with automation while eliminating guesswork with pre-mapped controls and real-time security visibility.

Eliminate manual work

Automate Cyber Essentials Evidence Collection

While the Cyber Essentials framework covers basic cyber security principles, it still requires a mountain of manual work. So we automated it.

With 85+ integrations, Drata connects to your tools to quickly and automatically collect the evidence you need for Cyber Essentials compliance—no spreadsheets or screenshots required.

Prevent cyber attacks

Continuous Cyber Essentials Control Monitoring

Staying compliant with Cyber Essentials and mitigating virtual risks means constantly monitoring and testing controls. With Drata’s continuous monitoring and real-time reports, your team gets unparalleled visibility into your security posture. 


Cyber Essentials 101 Webinar

Join us for a live Q&A session and learn about the framework.

Get compliant faster

Cyber Essentials in a Box

Use Drata’s out-of-the-box control library, templated policies, and customization to streamline and simplify the Cyber Essentials compliance process. 

In the UK and Europe, proving compliance within your security programme isn’t an afterthought, it’s an expectation. By opting to support Cyber Essentials, Drata have provided yet another reason for us to put our trust in their security and compliance automation platform. With this development, Drata will not only help simplify and expedite the Cyber Essentials journey, but also ensure we continuously remain in compliance.

Laurence Dale

CISO and Product Director (M365), Surveil

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What's Included With Cyber Essentials

From integrated training to system descriptor guidance, Drata provides the fastest and most thorough Cyber Essentials automation platform.

Security Training Icon

Security Training

Drata’s built-in security training allows you to automate tasks like sending reminders and documenting completion. 

Policy Center Icon

Policy Center

Streamline documentation, employee acceptance, and version history with 20+ editable, auditor-approved policies.

Support and Real-Time Answers Icon

Support and Live Chat

Drata’s support team consists of compliance experts and former auditors. Our experts are a click away.

Continuous Control Monitoring Icon

Continuous Control Monitoring

Drata's 24/7 continuous control monitoring ensures you stay compliant and gives you full visibility into your status at all times.

Risk Assessment Icon

Risk Assessment

Drata’s built-in self-assessments enable you to efficiently report on your security program’s effectiveness.

Vendor Management Icon

Vendor Management

Manage vendors with a centralized location for storing, sending, and reviewing security questionnaires.

Security Reports Icon

Real-Time Security Reports

Respond to due diligence requirements with real-time, shareable reports to communicate your security posture.

Endpoint Monitoring Icon

Endpoint Monitoring

Accelerate Cyber Essentials compliance with a built-in solution for monitoring and collecting endpoint configuration evidence.

Control Library

Control Library

Choose from Drata's controls or create custom controls to meet your specific needs and framework requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials helps companies guard against the most common cyber security threats and demonstrate their commitment to cybersecurity.

This compliance standard is available to any industry or customer who does business virtually, and is required for some contracts with the UK government.

When you manage Cyber Essentials in Drata, our automated testing pulls in the evidence you need to fulfill the key controls and requirements for Cyber Essentials. With continuous control monitoring, rest-assured that you will have full visibility into your compliance status.

There are two levels of compliance.

Cyber Essentials is a self assessment to ensure protection against a wide variety of common cyber attacks. The framework shows you how to address these basics and prevent the most common attacks.

Cyber Essentials Plus adds a hands-on technical audit to the requirements set by the Cyber Essentials framework.*

*Drata can help provide guidance if obtaining Cyber Essentials Plus, but cannot guarantee getting a certification.

Automate Your Journey

Drata's platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don't have to be one.


Easily integrate your tech stack with Drata.


Pre-map auditor validated controls.


Begin automating evidence collection.

Put Security & Compliance on Autopilot®

Close more sales and build trust faster while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work to maintain compliance.