Automated Access Reviews

Conduct user access reviews directly in Drata to increase security and save time.

Eliminate manual work

Automate Access Reviews

Reviewing user access is time-consuming—especially if you’re doing it manually. With Drata, you can save time by using your identity provider or our pre-built connections to connect to thousands of systems to gather all of your organization’s user access data in one place.

UAR - Automate access management
Reduce unauthorized access

Improve Security and Compliance

Stay in compliance with your regulations and frameworks with regular, automated access reviews. By using automation, you reduce human error, unauthorized access, and the risk of data breaches. Once the review is complete, Drata automatically links the access review evidence to all relevant controls—ensuring compliance and saving you time.

Access Reviews - Improve Security and Compliance
Find security blindspots

Increase Access Visibility

With tons of tools, employees, and privilege levels, managing user access gets messy. With Drata, you can pull access data from every tool into one spot, making it easy to see gaps and risks—all without switching between multiple tools or spreadsheets. And when you’re between formal access reviews, you can have peace of mind with daily updates that alert you of any changes in user access.

UAR - Increase Access Visibility (2)

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With User Access Reviews, Drata allows us to automatically pull relevant data from all of our Okta-connected integrations, giving us much needed granular visibility into the level of user access with critical systems. We’re continuously impressed by the evolution of the Drata platform and how much we’re able to further seamlessly manage our GRC program.
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Lesley Heizman

Risk and Compliance Manager, Lucidworks

Here's What You Can Do With Access Reviews


Utilize existing connections to gather and manage your users’ access levels. 


Define time periods for your company to perform access reviews.

Pick Reviewers

Need extra hands? Delegate access review tasks to specific application owners.

Review Access

View and manage user access levels, MFA status, changes and more for every application.

Map Evidence

Drata automatically maps review access evidence to your controls.

Continuous Monitoring

Data is collected daily, and Drata will alert you of any access changes in the app.

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Automate Your Journey

Drata's platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don't have to be one.


Easily integrate your tech stack with Drata.


Pre-map auditor validated controls.


Begin automating evidence collection.

Put Security & Compliance on Autopilot®

Close more sales and build trust faster while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work to maintain compliance.