Fast Tracking SOC 2 with Drata and AWS

How Superside leveraged automation to save 1500 hours

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Compliance is not a "nice to have." It's necessary to scale your business securely and close large contracts while earning and keeping the trust of your customers. So, where do you start? Is it really still done with screenshots and spreadsheets? And what happens after the audit? 

Join us to learn why Superside, the #1 creative-as-a-subscription service, decided to tackle SOC 2 and how they rose to the challenge using compliance automation as their secret weapon. By leveraging Drata’s advanced automation and AWS’s market-leading flexible and secure cloud computing environment, Superside saved 1500 hours and took control of their security and compliance program. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to get and stay compliant without draining the resources needed to grow and maintain your business

  • The unique advantage AWS infrastructure provides an agile startup as they scale

  • When you should start your security and compliance journey and how to maintain compliance between audits

  • The importance of security and compliance as a competitive advantage

Participating Organizations

During this presentation you'll hear from:

  • Adam Markowitz, Co-founder and CEO, Drata

  • Giancarlo Casella, Head of Business Development and Growth Strategies, AWS

  • Tor Egil Fusdahl, Director of Engineering & Security Officer, Superside

  • Ashley Hyman, VP of Customer Success, Drata

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