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The Old Way

Your ops, security, HR, sales, product, and engineering teams are forced to spend time on manual compliance activities across multiple disconnected tools and spreadsheets in order to keep track of your controls and ever-growing stack of SaaS vendors, assets, devices, and people.

With Drata

Drata automates compliance operations and evidence collection with security monitoring integrations across your SaaS services. Gain visibility into your compliance status, control across your security program, and build a single picture of controls, people, devices, applications, vendors, and risk across your company.

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Security Policies

Stand up your security program on a strong foundation of 20+ editable, auditor-approved security policies. Formal documentation, employee acceptance, and version history is streamlined and maintained in Drata’s Policy Center.


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Continuous Security Control Monitoring

Drata’s autopilot system is a layer of communication between siloed tech stacks and confusing compliance controls, so you don’t need to figure out how to get compliant or manually check dozens of systems to provide evidence to auditors.

24/7 Compliance Monitoring
Continuous, automated monitoring of the compliance status of company assets eliminates the repetitive manual work of compliance.

Automated Evidence Collection
Evidence is collected in Drata automatically, so say goodbye to screenshots, spreadsheets, and long back-and-forths with auditors.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Gain visibility into your security posture and control over your compliance. As your company grows, automated monitoring, evidence collection, asset and personnel tracking, and access control are streamlined via workflow automation.

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A Technology-First Solution to SOC 2 Compliance

Control Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and assurance of your security controls

Risk Assessment

Built-in self-assessment and report of your security program

Vendor Management

Track the compliance posture of your ever-growing list of vendors

Asset Inventory

Automated inventory of the physical and virtual assets across your company

Security Reports

Real-time, shareable reports of your security posture for customers and prospects

Dedicated Support

A team of experts ready to support you every step of the way

Security Training

Ensure your personnel are properly trained in security awareness

End-Point Monitoring

Automatically monitor and collect evidence of end point configuration

Ask a Compliance Expert

In-app messaging & support from compliance audit experts


Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see an answer to your question? Our friendly team is happy to provide answers - reach out anytime.

There are a few key differences. The main one is that a SOC 2 Type 1 audit/report looks at the design of your systems and controls at a specific point in time. A SOC 2 Type 2 report looks at the design AND operating effectiveness of your systems and controls over a period of time, typically between 4 – 12 months.

Drata has more than 75+ deep integrations. From cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, to human resources platforms like Gusto, GoodHire, and Workday, to dev tools and ticketing such as Jira and Github. Check them out here.

Only if you want to. All Drata plans include its lightweight, read-only agent. If you want to use your own MDM, Drata integrates with Jamf and Microsoft Intune, and many more coming soon.

Your security posture matters. SOC 2 is just one way to prove the effectiveness of your security program, but having a real-time view of your security controls is invaluable for any business. Drata is the most advanced continuous automation platform on the market to assess your security posture in real-time, every day. You can score your SOC 2 readiness here. Check out this Forbes piece written by our Co-Founder Troy Markowitz that discusses this further.

Drata only gives auditors access to what they need in order to streamline the audit engagement. You control the level of access your auditor receives. You also dictate the time period that access covers and framework so auditors are only seeing evidence and test results of your controls during that specific time window.

Yes, auditors are an essential part of the process and provide independent third party validation of compliance. We work with and through auditors to ensure a strong security posture. We streamline the process they have to go through to evaluate evidence. If you do not already have an audit firm selected, Drata will introduce you to a firm that meets your needs and budget, and we work closely with them throughout the entire process.


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