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Trust Center 

Make static security pages a thing of the past by publicly displaying your continuous control monitoring powered by Drata.

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What is Trust Center?

Through real-time continuous control monitoring, Trust Center seamlessly integrates with your website and provides real-time transparency into your organization’s security and compliance posture. You can display security reports like vulnerability assessments and penetration test summaries, certifications and attestations, plus security policies and continuous control monitoring powered by Drata.

See Trust Center in Action

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Using Trust Center, you will be able to share a real-time view of your company’s security and compliance posture to prospects. This streamlines the process of security reviews during your sales process to win more deals, faster.

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Demonstrate Continuous Control Monitoring

The Trust Center is the only of it’s kind displaying real-time continuous control monitoring powered by Drata. No need to manually update your security page. Drata pulls in all of the control monitoring, reports and sub processors automatically from your account. Focus on growth and innovation rather than being weighed down with manual compliance work.

Display Security Reports

Your Drata Trust Center page  allows you to display security reports like vulnerability assessments and penetration test summaries. In addition share certifications and attestations like SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR and much more. Your customers and prospects can simply request access from your page.

Customized Security Page

With Drata’s HTML builder, you can customize your Trust Center header to fit your brand. No need to bug your marketing team to make changes to your security page, Drata pulls in all of the necessary information in real-time so you can check updating a security page off of your team’s list.  

Expedite Security Questionnaires

Nothing is more time consuming than fielding the same requests for security questionnaire responses, certifications, and reports. Significantly reduce time spent on security questionnaire responses by providing access to your Trust Center page. 

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Turn Trust into a Competitive Advantage

Continuous Control Monitoring

Display your control monitoring in real-time to show proof of your security posture

Customized Security Page

Customize your Trust Center page to fit your brand plus enjoy seamless integration with your website.

Display Security Reports

Share Security Reports like vulnerability assessments and penetration test summaries

Notify of Subprocessors

Automatically pull in Subprocessors from your Drata account

NDA Signatures

Automate the process of NDA signatures to seamlessly share reports with prospects and customers

Designated Success Manager

Designated customer success manager ready to support you every step of the way


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Trust Center is a new way to publicly display the daily security and compliance measures your business is taking. Share continuous, real-time control monitoring powered by Drata plus certifications and attestations like SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR. 

Yes, many of our customers have that concern as they go through major changes, or add personnel. They know they’ll have failing tests and we make it so you can remove the pass/fail status of the controls. You can also customize the SLA’s that will reflect the status of controls to your liking. 

Drata allows you to upload your own NDA into Trust Center. Once the NDA is uploaded, users will be prompted to sign when they request access to important documents

Your reports are gated. when someone goes to your report they must request access. As the admin, you will receive an email and you can approve or deny access! 

You can use all of the information here to expedite security questionnaires. Having transparency into your security posture will reduce the scope and the amount of the questionnaires you see from customers.

Case Study:

Learn how Iteratively used Drata to get their SOC 2 report faster than most thought possible, and now monitor their security & compliance posture…