Drata Receives First Pair of Workplace Accolades

Drata is featured in Fortune’s lists of Best Workplaces in Technology and Best Medium Workplaces.
Jonathan Akhavan

by Jonathan Akhavan

September 07, 2022

In just 20 months, Drata has gone from stealth to becoming a unicorn. We’ve launched products for more than 14 compliance frameworks, standards, and regulations, grown our team to more than 250 employees, and achieved countless other milestones.

It can be all too easy to prioritize the business over culture. But at Drata, cultivating and showcasing our culture from the start has been integral to our success. 

Today, we’re proud to be featured in Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology list, and just last month, we were also included on the list of Fortune’s Best Medium Workplaces.

We’re grateful for the back-to-back recognition, and want to spotlight just how Drata’s culture contributes to this major milestone.

Cultivating Culture at Drata

Company culture was once often viewed as the general “vibe” of a work environment.

It was commonly tied to activity and energy in a physical office space or how coworkers typically interact with each other. But this definition is rapidly changing, especially with a 240% increase in fully remote workers since 2021. Without the crutch of a physical office, organizations have to take a hard look at what company traits are contributing to the culture, and how it impacts morale, reputation, and productivity.

For Drata, culture is defined as the behaviors and values that we holistically embrace and exhibit—from everyday conversations with our team to how we support our customers and design our platform. As a remote company, this also translates to how we communicate over online channels, video meetings, and email.

And at the core of our culture—and company–is trust.

We often say trust is our ethos. It guides our decision-making both internally and externally. It’s part of our company mission and how we shape our internal community. This alignment with our ethos has enabled us to work better together and build authentic relationships with each other, customers, and partners.


Investing in Genuine Connection

While Drata champions the remote work environment for flexibility and work-life balance, one of the most common challenges of developing culture at a remote-first company is ensuring the experience—even with the interview process—doesn’t feel disconnected. It can be difficult to connect with team members or feel tangible professional development when employees are spread throughout the country (and globe).

To combat the occasional “Zoom fatigue” or feeling of disconnection, Drata invests in quarterly offsites for various departments. In person connection is incredibly important and strengthens the bond between us as colleagues. When our team members meet each other in person, the value extends beyond putting a face to a name, it sparks newfound energy and creativity that can be hard to uncover in routine, virtual communication.

And to avoid siloes, we also facilitate cross-functional offsites. It’s one thing to have met your direct team, but getting to meet other departments generates a more sincere relationship with the company.

With such a strong culture at Drata, it’s always great to see our team members organically host their own events, like in-person lunches, family meetups, happy hours, and general outings. The natural camaraderie is one of the many reasons why myself and countless others enjoy what we do at Drata.

Joining Drata

As Drata evolves, so will our culture—but we will always be intentional about identifying culture add, not culture fit. Our core values anchor us and are embedded in how we apply ourselves in the work we do, and the national recognition we’ve received further fuels our passion to continue growing Drata with integrity.

If you’re interested in joining Drata, check out our open positions.

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